I am now at a point where after an episode of Lost I canbarely sleep for thinking it through in my head! The Last Recruit is no exception and I really need to share some thoughts just to clear my head! I know that alot of you seem pretty unhappy with the answers we're getting. Personally I think theyre both logical answers, not great but the genius is that they managed to hold out on us this long. I'm getting very excited (and sad) about the end. You can feel it starting to push forward. I'm also really looking forwad to waching the whole thing again knowing what it was all about! Where I'm at..

I'm hoping that that Sawyer will be questioning Sun about the shooting when her baby doctor makes an appearance? Maybe they can go dutch?

I'm finding it very difficult to listen to MIB talk about John Locke. John was one of the major characters and even if it were the case that he was a "sucker" I find it harsh to hear.

I do like the new Jack. He seems more at ease with himself. He knew how he felt when he left the island. He's here to stay. :)

I'll be seriously pissed if Sayid shot Des. Thats a lame way to go after everything he's been through. I think Des may have the power to tip Sayids scale, so I'm hoping that it all comes good.

Still don't understand why Richard "Watched them all die" Whats that about?

Like the theory that the Island is is the Nexus of time. Could get on board with that.

Is MIB a liar? Where has this been the case? I'm sure hes the bad guy but Jacob seems pretty dark too.

Def think Widmore is a team on his own. Really think they all need to sit down and talk it all out.

Gonna be a long two weeks. --Clare182 16:41, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

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