I'm sat here trying to think of a logical theory for Lost and my brain is starting to melt. I have thought from season 5 that certain things are going to happen, no matter what timeline and that the overall outcome from both timelines will be the same. I still think this. But the direction that the show has taken is leaving me unable to think logically. They are throwing so much information at us about the second timeline, while leaving most questions in the original timeline unanswered that I can no longer comprehend it. I have faith that it is all going to come together at the end but at the minute it is so frustrating that to some degree I understand why there has been so much tension on this site over the last couple of days. I know the last mile is always the hardest.. but can someone put the pieces of this puzzle together (Without Spoilers)??

Personally I'm thinking that when Oceanic 815 was hit by electromagnetism it was sucked into a giant washing machine. Its been on a spin ever since but now its filling up with water. There is a mighty power struggle between the dirt and the washing powder...

Maybe. --Clare182 21:18, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

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