I'm still sticking with my original theory. Ok we have an alternate timeline but I think that somehwere the two timelines meet..

This was my orginal post:

"I've been thinking that if the hydrogen bomb goes off and Faradays theory works, the overall outcome will stay the same. As his mother said.. the universe will course correct. MEANING.. Desmond may not forget to push the button and 815 may not crash, but SOMETHING will happen for the chain of events to occur that lead up to the hydrogen bomb going off.. at THIS point.. our Losties will end up back in 2010 (Maybe this is why Jacob said they are coming?) I was reminded of it when a young Charles Widmore said to a young Ben that if the Island wanted Alex dead, then she will be dead. If the Island wants Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin etc in a certain place at a certain time.. then that is what will happen?"

Remember when Eloise told Desmond about the guy in red shoes? She said that had she warned him he still would have died..

Charlie said to Jack that he was supposed to die.. (It could still happen..)

I think that wherever the two timelines are going is the same place (And we don't yet know where that is!)

I'm a little sad that it's the end of Juliet and of John Locke as we knew him. And I have no clue as to why the Island is underwater.. apart from knowing that the Island moves and thinking the Island is the central point for where dimensions meet..

Loving all the possibilities.. Dunno what i'll do when its over.. Let me know what you all think..? x

--Clare182 16:35, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

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