Becase my brain is in overdrive I couldn't include this in my last post without confusing myself.. and everyone else.. but as an extra thought on conciousness..

I believe the brain works on many levels-lets call them frequencies, most of which we are unaware of. For example when we dream we are tuned into a different frequency. Some poeple I think are more aware of these frequencies than others (for example people who have seen the future or are able to communicate with the dead)(Much like Miles) When we die the physical body dies but I think that some frequencies are able to exist without the body, and also giving way to the possibility of reincarnation. (I also think that poeple in ancient history were more aware of these frequencies.. for example the Egyptians and the Mayans..)

Relating this to what John Locke said to Jack about his father not being Lost... Maybe our brains are able to function in different dimensions only to travel on a path that we are set.. (Like driving different routes but getting to the same destination).. But we don't know the destination..

--Clare182 16:18, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

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