Bare with me, I'm sure this theory is heavily flawed.. I have always maintained that the two timelines will join together but I'm starting to think thats not the case.. I saw someones post on here the other day that likened Smokey/MIB to the First Evil in Buffy.. I kind of liked this idea and thought a little more about it. In Buffy the town of Sunnydale was situated on top of the hellmouth, which if opened caused a portal to the hell dimensions.. I was thinking that maybe the Island is a cork between dimensions/timelines. That the OT and FSW are completely seperate (2 of many) and that if Smokey escapes then a portal/black hole will be opened up leading to the end of existence as we know it.. (It also reminds of Stephen Kings Dark Tower series) There are lots of similarities for any buffy fans.. Let me know what you think..? --Clare182 21:29, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

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