With the arrival of a sailboat during Libby and Ana Lucia's funeral, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid then swim to the vessel with guns, and discover a drunk Desmond inside the cabin.

Leon:Whos he?

Patrick:Um...long story.

That night, on the beach, he reveals that he had attempted to sail towards Fiji, but although he followed a good compass bearing and was making good running for two weeks he still found himself back at the Island. He adds that "we are stuck in a bloody snow globe! There's no outside world, there's no escape." Desmond finally asks Jack if they are "still pushing it," to which Jack replies with a smile, "Yeah, we're still pushing it." All of a sudden, there was screaming. A man came running out of the jungle. guys are survivors right.These people kidnapped me. I just got away and followed a group of them back here. They are planning an attack.


Jack:Calm down. Who are you?

Man:My name is jason Everheart. I was on Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed. i was in the tail section.

One of the tailies started to argue

Ben Flood:I dont remeber you. hes an other!

A big commotion started. People were yelling and fighting. Jack pulled out a gn and shot into the air.

Jack:SHUT UP!We need too stop this fighting.The others want to come to us, but we are going to them. me,Kate,Sawyer,Jason,and Patrick are coming with me. Leon,Georgie,Hugo, and Skip will follow behinde us. Sayid, you will take Sun,Jin and Justinian on the sailboat.

Desomond,Locke and Eko were in the hatch. They had 100 minutes left. One of the survivors walked in.

Locke:Who are you?

Chase:Blaine. Chase Blaine. Im one of the survivors no one cares about. You should. I know more about this island than any of you. You have to stop pushing the button.

He then turned and left. Locke looked at Desmond, who had a bit of hope.

Desmond:Lets do it. Nothing is going to happen.

Locke ran up to the computer, ready to destroy it. Eko tackles him,beats him up, and locks him and des outside the computer rooom.Later that night, Locke asks Desmond what did one snowman say to the other snowman, referring to the question Desmond asked him when they first met. Desmond replies, "Smells like carrots." Locke tells Desmond about the revelations on the button, from the Pearl Orientation video, that what happens in the Swan is a test, a psychological experiment. Desmond does not believe him, but Locke gives him the Pearl video. Desmond, is curious and together they decide not to push the button the next day. There was a groan. Locke and Des turned. Stumbling out of the jungle was Mason Applewhite.

                                             End of Part One

Mason:I have a message.Bring Ford,Reyes,Austen,Shepard,Smith,and Davis.

Chase hit Mason on the back of the head with a log.

Sawyer:So Neverheart what did you do before all this

Jason:I was a comic book shop owner before I conned a movie producer

Sawyer:Man or woman?


Sawyer:Just ask...

Sawyer pulled out his gun as 6 others appered. Leon,Georgie,Hugo, and Skip came running up, helping the group kill the others. They continued there journey.

Locke,Chase,and Desmond trick Eko into leaving the computer room by triggering a false blackout. The electrical buzzing is still strongly present in the Swan corridor. Desmond and Locke rush in the computer room, and lock Eko out with a false lockdown. Eko leaves and notices the QUARANTINE sign on the Hatch door. He asks Charlie how they blew up the door. Eko then returns with Charlie to the Hatch, with dynamite. Charlie tries to convince John to open the door, but Desmond is sure that the blast doors will hold. Charlie tells Eko that maybe it's an old computer connected to nothing. But Eko takes out Charlie's belt, and throws it in the air, where it is attracted by the magnetic wall. Charlie tries to leave as Eko sets and lights the dynamite fuse. Charlie runs through the corridor as the dynamite explodes and sends a fireball through the corridors.The blast door holds. Desmond wants to open the door to see if they are hurt but Locke says it could be a trick. Desmond asks Locke why he wants to let the countdown go to zero; is it because he has to look down the barrel of a gun to find out who he really is? Locke said he already has done that, and that he believed. He thought it was his destiny to get into this place. Somebody died for this, a kid, because "he was stupid enough to believe that I knew what I was talking about." Locke tells Desmond that on the night that Boone died for nothing, he was sitting up there all alone, yelling at the door, when a light came on. He thought it was a sign but it was probably just Desmond going to the bathroom. ♪ But it was Desmond experiencing his crisis and turning on the light to see another human being above at the hatch door. In retrospect, Locke now took this supposed omen to be yet another example to doubt his earlier faith, while Desmond realized that Locke had saved his life as he was about to kill himself.

Desmond asks Locke about the Pearl. Locke tells Desmond all about it: the notebooks, the TVs, the pneumatic tube. But Desmond thinks Locke has got it backwards: it is not them who are being monitored but the people at the Pearl station. Desmond wants to see that Pearl video but there is no way to see it in the Swan. Desmond asks Locke what else was down there, perhaps another computer. Locke says that there was a printer that "printed out numbers, lots of numbers". When Locke shows Desmond the log printout from the Pearl, Desmond discovers that the crash date of Oceanic Flight 815, September 22, is connected with the "SYSTEM FAILURE" entry in the log printout. That is the day he had accidentally killed Kelvin and did not enter the Numbers in time, causing a system failure in the Swan. ♪ His conclusion is that this event is the cause of Flight 815's crash.

Desmond: "I think I crashed your plane."

                                                End of Part Two

The group was almost to the others base when there were gunshots. They ran for a while, ending up at a dock. Charlie wakes up with ringing in his ears. He finds Eko, unconscious. Locke and Desmond continue to argue whether to push the button or not. As the timer reaches close to zero, their conversation becomes heated, leading Locke to smash the computer just as the countdown runs toward zero. "You've killed us. You've killed us all," says Desmond.

Chase:No.Dont try to stop it. This is our destiny.

Locke:Destiny this

Locke elbows Chase in the face, knocking him out.The fail-safe key is hidden in the book. He quickly tells Locke about the banging on the Hatch exterior, and that it was Locke that saved his life, so that he could now save his. He is going to blow the dam: "I'll see ya in another life, brother." Meanwhile, the timer reaches zero and flips into hieroglyphs. As the system failure alarm progresses, metallic objects begin to fly across to the magnet wall. Charlie revives Eko from the shock of the dynamite and tries to make his escape while Eko rushes into the control room, where he is met by a despondent Locke acknowledging his cataclysmic mistake, stating simply, "I was wrong." Desmond turns the key, while saying one last time, "I love you Penny." He triggers the discharge, resulting in a flash of white and purple/violet glow.

Jack and his group were cornered. Others surronded them.Henry Gale was in front.

Gale:Shoot the spares.

The others shot at Skip and Leon. SKip ran and dove into the ocean. Leon shot back. The others were about to kill him when they started getting shot at from behinde. It was a injured and blodied Wade. The Elizibeth started to sail by. Justinain,Sayid and Jin started shooting. Henry ordered his men to take as many survivors as they could besides Hugo. Micheal is also there,shooting at the Elizabeth. Henry Gale closes the deal with Michael. ♪ "Henry" is not happy with the arrangement, but they got "more than they bargained for when Walt joined them." Since he lived up to his word, Michael is given the boat and Walt, and instructed to escape the Island by following a bearing of 325 degrees to find rescue. Michael wonders whether that is all. He asks Henry how he knows he won't tell anyone about the Island. But "Henry" replies that whether or not he tells people won't matter: once he has left the Island, he won't be able to come back. Anyway, "Henry" believes that Michael won't tell anyone, because if he does, people will find out what he did to get his son back. ♪ Michael is reassured that his friends would not be hurt as a deal's a deal. Finally, Michael asks "Henry" - "Who are you people?" "Henry" replies, "We're the good guys, Michael." As Michael is reunited with his son on the boat, "Henry" adds, "Bon voyage, Michael." Michael leaves Jack, Sawyer, Kate Leon,Georgie,and Patrick to stare at him and Walt also sees the bound and gagged kneeling prisoners with guns pointed at them. The rest of the prisoners are "coming home with the Others." Hurley looks at Jack, who, with his eyes, tells him to go. As Michael leaves on the boat, he looks one last time at an angry and betrayed Jack. Kate and Jack look at each other, not knowing what is going to happen to them. The captives are hooded by the Others in preparation for transport.

The phone rings somewhere. It is night. The receiving phone is on a bedside table, with a photo on it that looks like the picture of Desmond and Penny. A woman wakes and answers. "Yes?" the woman says. The man answers, "It's us. I think we found it." It's Penny.

Someone is listening to Pennys conversation.

Man:Prepare a frieghter. We are headed out in a month

Aide:Yes Mr.Widmore sir.

Widmore:Oh, when you reach the island, please kill my two assiatants and Keamy's daughter

aide;There names?

Widmore:Leon Van de Kamp, Justinian Saydne, and Keamy's daughters name is...Georgie Smith


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