The other held Patrick, down, gun pointed at his head.HE didn't want anything to happen to Georgie, but there was nothing he could do. His knife was just out of reach. The guy had a gun pointed at his head. There was absolutly nothing Patrick could do. There was a pop and the other with the gun fell down dead. Patrick grabbed the others gun to shoot the other other, but missed. the other kicked Patrick in the face. He was about to kill him when a bullet hit him in the head, killing there. "Eat that lowlife" the killer said.


Wade stood over Patrick, looking down at the dead others.

Wade:Your welcome. Now hurry up before more come.

Patrick and Georgie started running back to camp. Wade pulled out two guns and waited. AT least seven other appered guns ready. Wade laughed as he started shooting into the group of others.

I know its short but its really late so im goin to sleep. part 2 comin out soon

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