The other held Patrick, down, gun pointed at his head.HE didn't want anything to happen to Georgie, but there was nothing he could do. His knife was just out of reach. The guy had a gun pointed at his head. There was absolutly nothing Patrick could do. There was a pop and the other with the gun fell down dead. Patrick grabbed the others gun to shoot the other other, but missed. the other kicked Patrick in the face. He was about to kill him when a bullet hit him in the head, killing there. "Eat that lowlife" the killer said.


Wade stood over Patrick, looking down at the dead others.

Wade:Your welcome. Now hurry up before more come.

Patrick and Georgie started running back to camp. Wade pulled out two guns and waited. AT least seven other appered guns ready. Wade laughed as he started shooting into the group of others.


Wade was at his promotion party, drinking happily. When his sister did not show up, he started getting worried. He went to where she worked, but couldn't find her anywhere. As he turned the corner to go home, he saw her...


Wade sat on the ground, laughing at the carnage around him. He starred out into the sky, thinking about getting off the island. He grabbed the gun as he heard a footstep.

Mason: What the hell?!?!I let you free and this is how you...

Wade shot mason in the chest. As Mason fell to the ground, Wade got up and started to walk back to camp. Jack was waiting for Sayid,Charlie,and Ana to return when Micheal stumbled in. Jack went to help him.

Micheal:No don't worry, I'm fine.

Sayid came running into the room.

Sayid:We went to where you told us to go. And we found your ballon

Henry:See I told you I wasn't one of them

Syaid:And then we found a grave. And a passport for Henry gale. A dead man.

"Henry" ate more cereal,turned to Jack and asked:Do you have any milk?


Wade craddled his sister's dead body. He saw a guy running away.Wade grabbed a smashed beer bootle and chased after him. Wade easily caught up to him, and smashed the bottle intio his head.He looked down at the dead man and started laughing


Ana pulled out a gun,ready to kill "Henry", who had tried to kill her earlier. Micheal walked in and told her to give him the gun.

Micheal:I'm sorry

Ana:For what?

Micheal shot her in the chest. A voice startled him, causing him to shoot, realizing to late that it was Libby. Leon ran into the room,gun in hand. Micheal shot as leon shot. leon reached for his head and fell down. Micheal, holding his injured side, limped to where Henry was, and let him free. He turned to see Leon, his face covered in blood come up to him.

Leon:Where am I?Whats going on?Who are you?

Then Leon collapsed.

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