Leon and Patrick cut the rope down and pulled the man out of the net.There was an arrow in his shoulder. He had passed out from the pain. Leon and patrick carried him back to the hatch before Patrick took off back into the jungle. HE was going to find Georgie no matter what. He didn't care that he had a bullet hole in his chest. He just kept on running


Jack:Why does everyone on this island feel compelled to run into danger.

Leon:I wanted to stop him but I had to take care of him

Sayid:I don't trust him. WE need to interrorgate him

Sawyer:Thats just great, lets have Abdul torture him

Sayid:Not torture him you redneck, interrorgate him

All of a sudden, Justinian burst into the room, his forhead bleeding

Justinian:Wades gone. he knocked me out.

Patrick kept running. He then bumped into claire and they tripped stepping into a wire,springing Danielles trap.

Claire:Great how are we going to get out of here

Patrick:Dont worry clairebear. at leats we have time to be together.

After an hour and a half on being stuck in the net, Patrick shot the rope allowing them to get free. Claire went back to camp as Patrick continued his journey. Back at the hatch, Sayid was interrorgatiing Henry.Sayid punches Gale in his face over and over, while Gale begs him to stop. Gale's screams lead Jack to force Locke to open the armory door, just as the timer begins to sound. Jack says if Locke would not open the door, he will not let Locke push the button. Locke does not believe Jack will risk everybody's life on the Island, but Jack says he does not believe anything will happen if the button is not pushed. Locke eventually opens the door, and rushes to enter the code and push the button, but his fingers trip over themselves and does not get them entered in time.

As the timer hits zero, hieroglyphs appear in place of the Numbers, and what sounds like a generator begins to fire up. Locke finally enters the code, and presses the button. The sound dies down and the timer returns to 108. Meanwhile, Jack stops Sayid beating Gale, but Sayid is convinced that Gale is one of them, although his reasoning does not satisfy Jack.

Patrick finally made it to the place where the confrentation happeded.

Patrick:Come out you greybeard

The other came.

Bearded man:Well wheres Micheal

Patrick:You know perfectly well that he came to you guys.

Bearded man:Nope. And you were suppose to bring Micheal. Well your out of time(Whistle)

Three other brought out Georgie. One other held Patrick at gunpoint.

Bearded man:Well men...go ahead.

Patrick:Georgie, close your eyes...

Patrick pulled out a knife, stabbing the other with the gun in the neck. He spun around, slashing anothe other. But one of the others tackled him

Bearded Man:Call me when your done

Patrick starred at the other who was holding Georgie. He was going to kill him. And then the bearded man


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