"Dont make a move or i will kill him"-Ethan. "Come on. we can settle this like reasonable people"-Locke. Ethan whistled at a woman holding a gun to claires head. "If they make a move, put a bullet in her leg bea"-Ethan. Patrick,Jack,Kate, and sawyer came running into the area, guns in hand. Rain poured down on their head."Wheres Charlie"-Jack "Your friend is tied up. If you keep following you will die"-ethan. Justinain kicked Ethans legs,sending his gun flying.Patrick shot bea in the shoulder, causing her to let go of Claire.


"You look familiar. Ive seen your face before. Your the writer Patrick Davis. I love your books, especially the one when the people get trapped on the island"-Artz. "Patrick... you must have me confused with someone else"-Patrick "(quietly) freak"-Patrick. The plane touched down at sydney australia 3 days before the book signing.


Ethan and Justinain were fighting. Ethan got the upper hand when a bullet grazed his shoulder. It was Charlie, holding Ethans fallen gun. Ethan shoved Justinain at the A-team and ran."Hurry up Ethans gettin away" -Jack. Patrick was already gone chasing after Ethan. Ethan had gotten clear of the trees when Patrick came out and tackled him. When they hit the ground,Ethan grabbed the gun. Patrick and Ethan fought over the gun. Ethan tried to keep the gun away from Patrick, but he grabbed it Ethan tried to throw it out of reach, but he trew it to far, right over the edge of a cliff.


"Sir, where should i stop the limo"-Driver 'Right around the corner"-Patrick. The driver turned the corner and there were tons of firetrucks. I fireman came up to the limo "Im sorry, you cant go past here"-Fireman. "But im suppose to do a book signing at a barnes and noble"-Patrick "Well thats the building that burnt down"-Fireman


Ethan and Patrick stood up, punching and kicking each other. Patrick had taken martial arts, but ethan still over powered him. But Patrick got a lucky punch, and Ethan fell over the cliff. Patrick wouldnt let the man die, so he reached out and grabed his arm. Ethan grabbed Patricks arm and tried to pull him off with him. 3 bullets hit ethan, causing him to lose his grip and fall forever. "That was for kidnapping the girl you son of a b!tc#"-Sawyer. Then there was a lound screeching sound, and black smoke came racing at sawyer. he tried to move, but it got his leg ripping it up pretty bad.

Back at camp, Micheal and Jin were building a raft. Other survivors were helping, especially Skip Sheffield. Neil Frogurt was walking around and bumped into Wade."Watch where your going crepper"-Neil. Wade pushed Neil. Neil punched wade in the face.. Wade kicked Neil. Neil whent to tackle Wade and then stopped right in front of him. He started gaging. He fell back, a knife in his stomache. "DUDE"-Hugo.


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