Perviously on Lost

Mason:Names Mason. Mason Applewhite.

Ana:Ok.Our prisoner has escaped, and apparently kidnapped one of our own. You 5 are coming with me to find Georgie and Mason.

Bearded Man: Now I want to tell you guys something. This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reason you're living on it is because we let you live on it.

Bearded man:Now then, we are going to make a trade. Bring me Micheal and we will give you Georgie. Hurry up,some of these men here seem to like her.

Patrick:Dont worry, Im going to help you.

Then they kissed. Patrick felt a gun pointed at his head. He grabbed it but it ws to late. Mason pulled the trigger into his chest.

Patrick stumbled back,grabbing his chest. The bearded man grabbed Mson and pulled him back

Bearded Man; what the hell are you doing!?!?

Mason shoved Tom aside. The others aimed there guns at Mason. Mason stood there for a moment before fleeing. Sawyer and jack came running back to help Patrick. An other pulled out a gun to stop them, but was shot in the neck. From a distance, Justinian lowered his sniper rifle.


Justinian:I got the target in sight

Man:Take the shot

Justinian:Hold on...

Man:Take the SHOT

Justinian:HOLD ON


Justinian fired at the fleeing target.He walked up to the wounded man and handcuffed him. Justinian smiled. He caught an F.B.Is most wanted criminal. Justinian came home to a terrible sight. His sister laying on the floor dead,and a note on top of her-A present for arresting my brother


Jack and the group came running back to cam. Boone came running up to Jack.

Boone:Jack, Micheals gone.

(In hatch)

Jack:Gone, what do you mean gone?

Boone: John came in to type the numbers and came running out saying Micheal was gone.

Justian came running in shouting to jack-"Micheals gone! I saw him running towards the others"

Jack:I know. Boone just told me.

Justinian went back out to check on Wade. He found Skip knocked out and bleeding, and a note-A prestent for chaining me up


Justinian opened up the cell door to the criminal. he showed a picture of his sister. He put tape over the man's mouth and started to beat him. He kept hitting and hitting. Over and over. Then when the man was on the verge of death, Justinian said "This is for my sister" and shot the man point blank, before shooting himself in the leg.


Late at night, Patrick and leon gathered up guns and whent out into the jungle. They kept traviling, trying to find the others, but to no avail. They turned back, vowing to continue the next day. They were almost back to camp when someone screamed "Help me" They ran to see a man trapped in a net. "HELP ME PLEASE. MY NAME IS HENRY GALE!"


Justinian hopped into a limo.

Boss:You did very good Justinian. Your almost as good as my closest assisstent

Justinian:Thank you sir, I'm honored

Boss:You are one of few men i think would be perfect for my daughter

Justinian:Thank you Mr.Keamy

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