Previously on Lost

"Jack, me and jin found caves.Theres runnig water there."-Locke

"No Get Jack. We are not alone. I found the french women. She told me there are others on this island"

Guys Guys, I made a census and checked it with the manifest.One of them wasn't in the manifest. He wasn't on the plane! "-Hugo "Who?"-Jack. "ETHAN!"-Hugo. "Every one but Claire and charlie are her!Weres Claire and charlie?"

"What is that?"-Boone "It looks like a hatch"-Locke


Wade Barret. He was a killer. The CIA knew it. They wanted evidence. There was only one way, to follow him.


"A hatch"-Boone "Yes Boone a hatch."-Locke "Do you think it belongs to ethans people?"-Boone "No. There is no handle or anyway of opening it."-Locke "So what do we do?"-Boone. "This glass looks like its bulletproff. Instead of wasting time making useless things that dont work, we should make a bomb."-Locke "A bomb. HOW!? WERE ON AN ISLAND"-Boone "I know where there are explosives"-Rousseou


The CIA agent watched as Wade followed the a man who was in a barfight Six months of following Wade finally paying off. Wade crossed the street. As the agent crossed the street, a car hit him. He fell down holding his broken arm.


"Your the french woman. How did you find us"-Locke 'A friend of yours sent me. He was looking for the missing girl"-Rousseou


Gunshots. It had to be Wade. The agent ran towards where he heard gun fire. A car went zooming by. It was wade. H e shot at the car but to no avail. He ran around the corner and found a girl. he checked her wallet. her name was Sally Anderson


"Follow me. Your friend went this way"-Rouesseou. The trion ran through the jungle as it started to rain. when they stopped, they saw Ethan with a gun pointed at Justinains head. Locke finally knew who the friend was.


The agent bought a ticket for oceanic 815, the flight Wade was takinking. Justinain starred at the murderer as he got in his seat. Wade smiled and winked at justinain


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