Georgie sat on the beach starring out at the ocean. Ever since she had come back from the dead, she had been treated like an outsider. Everyone avoided her. Even the tailies avoided her. Only Leon and Patrick would talk to her. She tried to remeber what had happened, but she could not remember anything. Someone sat down next to her.

Mason:Names Mason. Mason Applewhite.

Georgie:Your an other.

Georgie punched him an ran. Mason tackled her. He wrapped a cloth around her eyes and started to drag her into the forrest.


Ana Lucia went back to her tent to find Mason missing. The rope that was tied around him were cut. She asked around, and know one had seen him leave. Jack was busy taking care of Micheal. Leon had healed up. Ana gathered a group to hunt down Mason.

Ana:Ok.Our prisoner has escaped, and apparently kidnapped one of our own. You 5 are coming with me to find Georgie and Mason.

Ana,Patrick,Leon,Sawyer,Skylar,and Jack, who had finished patching up Micheal, went into the forest. They traveled through the jungle all night. Leon, an expert tracker, started to lose the trail. All of a sudden a shot was fired towards them. Torches lit up all around the group. Sawyer aims a go at the man.

Bearded man:Why don't you point the gun down?

A bullet grazes Sawyers neck. Ana fires at the person who fired the gun. He fell down dead.

Bearded man: Calm down everybody. I know what your wondering. Walt and Georie are fine.(Whistle)

Mason drags out Georgie, gun aimed at her head. Patrick ran towards her, but Mason aimed a gun at him

Bearded Man: Now I want to tell you guys something. This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reason you're living on it is because we let you live on it.

Patrick tackled Mason. The bearded man kicked Patrick in the ribs. Mason started to beat him up untill Ana shot him in the shoulder. An other shot ana.

Bearded man:Now then, we are going to make a trade. Bring me Micheal and we will give you Georgie. Hurry up,some of these men here seem to like her.

Patrick pulled out a gun and shot the bearded man in the chest. He grabbed Mason and held a gun to his head.

Patrick:How about you give us Georgie before I put a bullet through his head.

Bearded Man: How bout(cough) you bring us Micheal before I let the boys loose on her.

Jack:Patrick thats enough.

Bearded Man:You have 24 hours. Tick tock doc.

Jack glarred at the man before turning to head back to camp.Patrick walked towards Georgie.

Patrick:Dont worry, Im going to help you.

Then they kissed. Patrick felt a gun pointed at his head. He grabbed it but it ws to late. Mason pulled the trigger into his chest.


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