this a plot episode. No centric character

"Jack, me and jin found caves.Theres runnig water there. We should bring Robert there"-Locke "Not now john. He needs rest"-Jack. Patrick was walking around the caves when he saw Sayid. "Sayid are you ok"-Patrick "No Get Jack. We are not alone. I found the french women. She told me there are others on this island"

"Ok Sayid slow down tell me everything that happened"-Jack " I was mapping the shoreline when i found a rope..." "Guys Guys, I made a census and checked it with the manifest.One of them wasn't in the manifest. He wasn't on the plane! "-Hugo "Who?"-Jack. "ETHAN!"-Hugo. "Every one but Claire and charlie are her!Weres Claire and charlie?"-Jack Patrick came over to Jack "I saw then in the jungle earlier. And i passed Ethan"-Patrick. "Oh no"-Jack "What?"-Patrick "Ethan took them"-Jack. "WHAT! Jack I know about the case of guns. I saw you taking them out ogf the case. give me one."-Patrick "No"-Jack. 'Well im goin with you kate locke Boone and Justinian. And if ethan kills me, my blood is on your hands"-patrick Jack gave patrick an angry look and handed him a gun. "How bout you give m one of those doc?"-sawyer. "No. Your not coming."-jack. "Oh i sure am. Dont you worry your pretty little head. Im not goin to shoot you. Maybe that wade fella though"-sawyer.After 3 hours of searching the y went back. Locke and Boone went back last. Boone tripped on something. "What is that?"-Boone "It looks like a hatch"-Locke


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