Previously on Lost

"Il get you"-Wade "Im sure you will"-Sawyer

"What was that"-Rob "Its whatever killed th pilot"-Locke "The pilot is dead!"-Rob "Yep. I guess Jack didnt tell you"--Locke.

Locke turned around and rob was flung past him.

"JACK!"-Locke. "what happened?"-jack. "the smoke monster got him"-Locke. "Did you say smoke monster?"-Jack

The man looked at his id. Leon Parker. It was a stupid name. his boss hadnt even changeed his first name. Leon had to take care of some of his bosses problems before he left for L.A.


"Ok Locke go get some achohal from Sawyer. Boone come over here and rap this around his leg. You whats you name?"-Jacke "Leon"-Leon "Leon i need you to ask everyone there blood type'-Jack.



The man had stolen money from Leons boss. he was not a good guy. He was accused of attempted murder 2 but was never proven guilty. he had to pay. It would be tough. Even in the dark of night. As leon walked towards his target, a man bumped into him. The guy Leon was following turned around. he realized Leon was following him and he ran.


"No one knows there blood type. I know im a positive"-Leon "Thats perefect"-jack. he set up an iv so Rob would be getting blood. "How is he"-Boone "Its to soon to tell"-Jack. "Im glad im not in this situation'-Boone


Leon shot the man in the leg. the man fell in the middle of the street right as a car turned the corner smashing into him. Leon smiled. His job was done and he barley had to do anything.

(10 hrs later)

"Good job Leon. You did very well. Im very proud of you. i have another job. you are talking oceanic flight 815 to L.A. Thats all you need to know for now."-Unknown man "Thank You Mr.Widmore-Leon


                                                      Next time on LOST
 "Jack, me and jin found caves.Theres runnig water there"-Locke
 "Sayid are you ok"-PAtrick "No Get JAcke. We are not alone. I found the french women. She told me there are others on this island"
  "Guys Guys, I made a census and checked it with the manifest.One of them wasn't in the manifest. He wasn't on the plane! "-Hugo
  "Weres Claire and charlie?"-Jack
   "I saw then in the jungle earlier. And i passed Ethan"-Patrick
   "Locke what is it?"-Boone
   "Its a hatch"-Locke

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