Its a nice beuatiful day. The sun shines over the water. A piece of a plane falls out of the sky,crashing into the water below. Passengers swam to the surface.Some survivors help pull people out of the water.People screaming and coughing. Chaos was everywhere. But there was one man who stood there, and he started to laugh. He was funally home.


That night,people huddle into groups. Jason Everheart starred up at the sky. "This is insane. No rescue plane yet."-Jason "Don't worry they will be here. They will find us. They have to. How in the world can keep my hair like this if we are stuck on an island"-Mindy. "There not going to find us. No one is going to find us. Why would anyone waste their time looking for US. What are we to other people."-Mandy."We have to look on the bright side. We aren't dead"-Skylar "How is that a good thing?"-Mandy. All of a sudden, their was a commotion. One man,Mr.Eko,was fightng 7 men. As the group went to help Eko,a strange noise appered,followed by shaking trees.The others started to run as a pillar of black smoke came.A man who had an injured leg was caught by the smoke and was flung into a piece of metal. The survivors ran from the monster, but it still got a few people.

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