Leon knocked on the door. The doorman let him in “Um me and my wife were headed to a hotel when a crowd separated us. I can’t find her and I lost my phone.”-Leon. “Oh here use mine…”-Doorman. Bang. The doorman fell down dead. Two guards went to pull out guns, but it was too late. Leon shot then in seconds. He pulled out his phone and called someone. “Yeah Mr.Widmore. I’m in. Ok third floor. Got it. So it’s just a big map on the wall. Ok.”-Leon Leon entered the elevator. Guards were waiting for him. No biggie. Leon pulled out two machine guns blazing. Leon walked to the door at the end of the hallway and kicked it open. Leon starred at the man at the head of the table, showing his associates a map. They all had guns drawn. That didn’t stop Leon. He shot all the men around the head of the group. It was the man who killed his daughter. His sweet little 7 year old girl. Next to the murderer was his oldest son. Leon pulled out a shotgun. “Please don’t. Please I give up”-Murderer. Leon fired, killing the man’s son.”NOOO!”-Murderer. The man went to shoot Leon, but Leon’s was faster. The blast flung the man 5 feet backwards. “That was for my wife,”-Leon. Leon fired again, killing the man. “THAT WAS FOR MY WIFE!”-Leon. He grabbed the man off the desk. It had a bunch of red circles in the middle of the ocean. Leon shrugged, and left the building. He entered the limo, handing the map to Widmore. “Thank you Leon. You did well. I have another assignment for you. I have a problem. I need you take care of it. But the problem is in Australia. (Woosh) Leon woke up in a cage with Sawyer, Jin, and Michael. They were talking to a woman. He saw the woman take something from Sawyer. Then she was pulled out of the cage. Leon heard Sawyer yelling. Leon thought of his family. Then, he succumbed to his injuries.


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