Leon lay on the sand, nearly dead. He heard grunts and screams. Then someone started to yell about someone named jacob. Leon remembered when everything was peaceful, when he had nothing to worry about.


Leon entered opened the door to his house. "Honey,I'm home"-Leon. Leon's wife came from the kithcen and kissed him. "How are the kids"-Leon "Same as always"-Wife. Leon chuckled. Leon went outside and started the grill. He started cooking hamburgers when he heard screams come from the house. Leon ran and then he heard gun shots. He ran in to see a man holding a gun to his daughters head. His wife was on the ground,dead. "Your detective de Kamp right?You are the reason my son is dead. I bet you don't even remeber killing my son."-Murder He threw a picture to Leon. leon stared at it for a moment. "I had to kill him. He had 4 hostages. What was i suppose to do?Let him get away?"-Leon "Yes. Who cares about the hostages."-Murderer. Leon pulled out his own gun. The man pulled the trigger, killing Leons daughter. A bullet hit Leon in the leg, than in the chest. There was another man lurking in the corner. The man and the murdere left, leaving Leon to die.

Leon woke up. He starred around him. "Hello there Leon Van de Kamp the third."-Uknown man Leon turrned and saw a man with short silver hair. It was Widmore

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