With the arrival of a sailboat during Libby and Ana Lucia's funeral, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid then swim to the vessel with guns, and discover a drunk Desmond inside the cabin.

Leon:Whos he?

Patrick:Um...long story.

That night, on the beach, he reveals that he had attempted to sail towards Fiji, but although he followed a good compass bearing and was making good running for two weeks he still found himself back at the Island. He adds that "we are stuck in a bloody snow globe! There's no outside world, there's no escape." Desmond finally asks Jack if they are "still pushing it," to which Jack replies with a smile, "Yeah, we're still pushing it." All of a sudden, there was screaming. A man came running out of the jungle. guys are survivors right.These people kidnapped me. I just got away and followed a group of them back here. They are planning an attack.


Jack:Calm down. Who are you?

Man:My name is jason Everheart. I was on Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed. i was in the tail section.

One of the tailies started to argue

Ben Flood:I dont remeber you. hes an other!

A big commotion started. People were yelling and fighting. Jack pulled out a gn and shot into the air.

Jack:SHUT UP!We need too stop this fighting.The others want to come to us, but we are going to them. me,Kate,Sawyer,Jason,and Patrick are coming with me. Leon,Georgie,Hugo, and Skip will follow behinde us. Sayid, you will take Sun,Jin and Justinian on the sailboat.

Desomond,Locke and Eko were in the hatch. They had 100 minutes left. One of the survivors walked in.

Locke:Who are you?

Chase:Blaine. Chase Blaine. Im one of the survivors no one cares about. You should. I know more about this island than any of you. You have to stop pushing the button.

He then turned and left. Locke looked at Desmond, who had a bit of hope.

Desmond:Lets do it. Nothing is going to happen.

Locke ran up to the computer, ready to destroy it. Eko tackles him,beats him up, and locks him and des outside the computer rooom.Later that night, Locke asks Desmond what did one snowman say to the other snowman, referring to the question Desmond asked him when they first met. Desmond replies, "Smells like carrots." Locke tells Desmond about the revelations on the button, from the Pearl Orientation video, that what happens in the Swan is a test, a psychological experiment. Desmond does not believe him, but Locke gives him the Pearl video. Desmond, is curious and together they decide not to push the button the next day. There was a groan. Locke and Des turned. Stumbling out of the jungle was Mason Applewhite.

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