Mindy walked in to the hatch, to hear the alarm blaring. As she ran towards the computer, she saw Ana and Libby dead, and leon on the ground holding the side of his head. Jack came in a second later to find the same site, exept Mindy had past out. Loke came in and ran to the computer and typed in the numbers.

Leon:Who are you?


Ana was dead. Libby was almost dead. And Leon was severly brain damaged.Jack worked all day, but he couldnt save Libby. Wade sat on a cliff over looking the ocean, clueless to what had happened. Jack came jogging by, trying to keep his mind off all the violence.

Wade:Whats up with the sour face

Jack:Libby and Ana Lucia are dead.

Wade:Anas dead? Oh no that aint good. She still has my money. And I already killed that friend of hers back in Australia,oh what was his name again. C...C...Christian thats it.

Jack:Christian?Man in his 50s, grey hair, drinks a lot.

Wade:Yeah thats him. Why he a friend of yours?

Jack:No.He was my dad!

Jack tackled Wade, repeatedly punching him in the face, and than he pushed him off the cliff.

Mindy sat in a chair in the hatch, still in shock about what she saw. She had never seen a dead person. She never wanted to. But her sister would have loved it. Mandy, that dark, death loving girl. Mindy thought back when Mandy was a sweet girl, before the accident.


Mandy woke up with a jolt. her head was bleeding, badly.She felt broken ribs. She looked next to her to see her boyfriend halfway through the windshield.She started to cry. She knew she shouldnt have been drinking. But her boyfriend was dumb. He wasnt wearing his seatbelt. She heard a car pull up near hers. Mindy came running towards the car, opening the door, and pulled her out. Mandy, still very dazed, watched as Mindy pulled out a match and tossed it on to the car. She quickly got in to her car and drove off.

Mandy:Why...why did you do that?

Mindy:It was his car. No one will ever know you were driving.


Leon was looking around, trying to remeber something. The last thing he could rember was a scream coming from his house. Now he was on an island.He looked at the one of the dead girls. he rembered a man with a gun. Later that night, there was a funeral for the two women. Eko got back from the ? station. Madny starred out at the funeral and smiled. Sun started to cry and turned away. She looked up.


Everyone turned to see a boat sailing towards the island.


So sorry it took so long. but here it is. now only 3 episodes left of season 2.

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