This is the last episode before the 3 part finale

Patrick opened his eyes. His head was throbbing. Locke and robert was gone. but Patrick was tied to a tree. "LOCKE!!!!LOCKE!!!LOCKE!!!"-Patrick. Locke came running into the caves carrying robert(scene same as in Deux es machina)... Georgie started becoming suspious. Patrick hadnt returned.She had seen the others retreat. Leon was walking in the jungle,follwing locke. Locke bent down and started pounding on something. All of a sudden, a light came on. leon saw that it was a hatch. He pointed a gun (he had stolen from jack) at lockes head. "What is this Locke. Why have you hidden this from us"-Leon. Georgie hid in the shadows watching, and then ran back to the caves."Guys, Locke has been hiding some hatch thing from us."-Georgie. "I cant deal with this right now. Hurley, go with her back to the hatch."-Jack.


Leon fell to the ground, knocked out. The man picked up the gun, and put against Locke's temple. "I no you want to open this. But we aint no nothing about it. If you open this hatch, im goin to blow your head off"-Wade. Wade stood there smiling. A friend of his had broken the handcuff. "Well, what could be the worst thing inside the hatch"-Locke"I dont want to know"-Wade. He then knocked out Locke.

As the Georgie and hurley went towards the hatch they heard screaming. They ran to find kate and claire, who was about to give birth. "Help claire, i have something i have to do"-Georgie. GZeorgie ran untill she came to an open field waith a beachcraft upsidedown "Help Georgie over here"-Patrick. Georgie ran and untied Patrick. "Who did this"-Georgie "Locke"-Patrick.

(Robert dies just like the way boone died. Claire gives birth...)

As Kate is walking back towards the caves, she sees Wade "Your suppose to be handcuffed JACK..."-Kate. Wade knocks her down as he goes to punch her in the face, Sawyer tackles him. "you take 1 more step towards freckles and ill kill you you son of a b!tc#!"--Sawyer "Take your best shot redneck"-Wade


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