Patrick ran after Leon. He was 20 steps away. There was a bright light and than the sound of a thousand guns. Where a house was a minute ago, now their was a pile a burning rubble. Patrick stood up, shot at the others, and ran. There was nothing he could do. When his group made it far enough away, Patrick collapsed.


                                                      Ben Flood
                                                 Guest Starring:Kate

Skip and Justinian heard the explosion. They ran in the direction until they found the group.They found them morning the loss of Leon and Juliet.

Sayid:We have to keep going. The others are still looking for us.

Kate:What about Sawyer and Locke.

(Outside the Black Rock)

Mason:Do you think he can do it?

Locke:I have faith in him.

A few minutes later, Sawyer came out, a look a pure hatred on his face.

Locke:Good job James. Im very proud of you.

(Beach Camp)

The group finally arrived back. Wade was, again, handcuffed to a tree. A few minutes after the group returned, JAck arrived. He explained how he escaped in all the fighting. He had decided to stay and help the survivors instead of abandoning them. Twenty minutes later, Mason and a knocked out Sawyer returned to camp.

The next day, two graves were made for Leon and Juliet.

Desmond,Charlie,Jin,Hurley, and Patrick headed out to find someone that Desmond said would arrive on the island that day. Their journey was interupted by an injured other with an eye patcg and a gun.

Patchy: None of you move. I no their are more of you, but you are all weaponless.(Whistle) (Three others apper) and now you are screwed.

Wade had been trying to break free of his handcuffs all day. Nothing would work. He was starting to doze off when he felt his hand become free.

Man:Your welcome. Now sneek into your tent, get any weapons and supplies you need, and hide in the ? station.

Above Desmonds group was a noise that sounded like a helicoptor. Something fell from the heli 50 fee away. Both Desmond and the others ran towards it. Jin,Patrick and Charlie drewconcealed weapons, shooting at the others. patchy fell to the ground and surrendered. Chalie and Jin kept their guns aimed at him. Desmond,Hurley and Patrick made it to the parachutist. Desmond removed her mask, revealing a tan skinned woman.

Woman:Desomnd? Desmond?

The group looked at Desmond. They found a picture of Desmond and Penny with the woman. And her next words stunned the group.

Woman:Mason. Mason Applewhite.


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