patrick starred out at the longboat sailing away. He turned and headed back for the hydra station. He was half way there when he heard whispers. He pulled out his guns. He started to l;ook around.Then their was a thunk and Patrick fell to the ground knocked out.








Samuel Danielson


Jason Everheart



Ben Flood

Patrick woke up in a room. Not a old tent or anything, but an actual bed. it was a brightful room. He got up and walked outside to see houses, actual houses. It was an odd experience, seeing houses and kids playing.Patrick turned around to see Ben walking towards him.

Ben:I hope you like your new home.

Pattrick:Where the hell an I?

Ben:Our home. You will be safe here. Don't reach for your gun, I took it. Don't be upset, someone came back to help you.

Patrick:(Under his breath)No

There was a man carrying a knocked out Georgie on his shoulder to one of the houses.

Patrick:LET HER GO!

Ben:No. Ben turned and walked away.

Patrick looks around for Juliet or Leon. he spots Leon and runs towards him. Leon sees him and runs up and hugs him.

Leon:I thought you where dead. We got captured when he snuck back to Hydra sation. And later, Tom came back without you so we thought that they had killed you.

Patrick;We need to find away to get off this is...

Leon:We arent on Hydra island any more. We are back on mainland. ut yes, we do have to escape.

Boy and Girl:We can help you

Leon and Patrick turn to see Karl and Alex.

Patrick:Its going to be tough. We need to find away to sneek out undetected.

Juliet walks over Juliet;I have an idea. Patrick, you need to sneek out at night. I will help you. go to your camp, warn them about whats going on and get back here beforee sunrise.

Georgie:What you guys talking about.

Patrick;our escape plan. Oh yeah, tell me why the hell you came back.

Georgie:I came back to save you

Patrick: Didnt I say I would make it back okay.

It was late at night. Patrick got up out the bed. He kissed Georgie on the head and snuck towards the door. Juliet and Leon were waiting outside.

Juliet:You ready


Juliet:leon, you need to be a lookout, make sure no one sees us.

Juliet kissed Leon, and then her and Patrick walked towards the sonar fence. At the Sonar Fence, Juliet typed in the code to shut them down.

Juliet:You have about six hours. You have to hurry.

Patrick ran as fast as he could. He thought he was near the beach camp when he bumped into someone. The man pulled a gu on him

Patrick:Woah its me Patrick. Your Ben flood right

Ben Flood:Yeah

Patrick:I need you to tell the camp to get ready. I need to go back to the others camp before they become suspisous.

Flood:Whats going on?

Patrick:The others. They are going to kidnap all the woman. You need to tell Jack. tell him...a war is coming


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