Two things:

  • Mason is now a main cast member
  • I have to many charcters and not enough room to fit them all so Skylar is being cut out of the story

The group starred in disbelif as the boat sailed away. Wade had stolen their boat and left them. Wade sat on the boat laughing. He kicked Justinians body and laughed. He bent down next to Justinian.

Wade:Not so tough now big guy.

Justinians hand shot up, wrapping aroung Wades neck.

Wade:I (cough) killed you

Justinian:You thought you did you some of a b!tch.(Punch punch) But now,Im back and Im calling the shots.

He tossed Wade on to the lower deck. Wade grabbed a gun and shot at him. Justinian jumped down to the lower deck. he knocked the gun away from Wade. are you alive

Justinian:My friedn brought me back. His name is Christian


Back on the main land, jason lay on the ground holding his shoulder. Chase stood in front of him and the 2 others, gun in hand.

Chase:I talked to Samuel and Phil, the last surviving Dharma member and Im done listening to your murderous bunch.

Jason:Why did you shoot me

Chase: I actually saved your life.

The others went to shoot at Chase, nut he shot faster.

Hydra Island

Mason:Now what?

Patrick:We take the long boat, chase Wade and shoot him.

  • Its late and im really tired so im done for tonight. Part 2 tommorow

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