Georgie's arm was stuck. When she had fallen, a boulder had feel, trapping her arm between it and a tree. patrick tried to help her but coulndn't.

Georgie:Just go. Im not going to get out of this.

Patrick:Im not just goin to leave and let the others take you.

There was the sound of cracking leaves. Two others had guns pointed at them.

Other #1:Well well well looks like you guys did a good job at escaping.

Other#2:How are we suppose to bring them back woth us if her hand is trapped

Other#1:Who says she needs that hand.

Patrick grabbed the gun he had stolen eailer.

Other#2:OOOOOOOOO Im so scared of a kid with a gun.

There gunshots and other#2 fell. Other #1 turned to be shot.


Juliet was there,gun in hand.

Juliet:I will be back in a minute

Georgie:Go with her. You might be able to catch up with everybody else.

Patrick:You are very stubborn. I told you im staying.

Georgie:Why? Why wont you just go?

Patrick:Because Im not going to just leave you here and let the others take you.

A few minutes later, Juliet and leon came running to them.

leon:How in the world are we going to free her arm.

Juliet,Leon, and Patrick all tried but failed to free her arm.

Juliet:I have no idea what to do.We have to free her arm soon.Her hand is not getting enough blood. Leon come with me. We need to sneek back to the hydra station and get supplies.

Night fell and Leon and Juliet hadnt returned.

Georgie:Why hasent anyone found us yet. We have been missing for two months and no one has found us.

Patrick:I dont know. Everything is to insane...Why were you on the plane?

Georgie:I was headed back home after visting my father. I had to leave early because I had missed a week of school and...make up work is a b!+h.You?

Patrick:I had a book signing,the place burnt down and i ended up on 815. funny how both of us accidently ended up on the flight.

Georgie:yeah...So your a old are you?



There was a loud noise.It was the smoke monster. It ran at them. patrick sheilded georgie. It hit the boulder, moving off Georgie's arm.Georgie started to cry and laugh as she was free.

Georgie:I still dont understand why you saved me.Thank you.

Georgie kissed Patrick.A few seconds later, a man came running to them. It was Tom Friendly

Tom:Alright you two, dont try to fight just come peacfully with me. We wont hurt you.

Patrick:Why should we go with you

Tom:If you dont, your girlfriend dies. I have some friends with snipers aimed right at her.We also have your two friends.

Patrick:I would put the gun down.


Patrick:because our friends found hydra island

Skip held a gun at Tom's head.

Skip:You and your buddies leave and no one gets hurt.

Jin,Sun, and Mason came out of the jungle, holding three others at gunpoint.

Tom:Looks like you leave me no choice. But dont worry, we will win.

The others ran off. patrick,Georgie and the rest went back to the Elizabeth. When they got there, they saw it sailing away.

On the Elizabeh was wade. he started to laugh as he left behinde the group, abandoning them on Hydra island, leaving them to the mercy of the others.


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