(Takes place during the episode I do)

Jack prepared to do the surgery on Ben. The others where taking Jason to convince the rest of the survivors to go to Hydra Island. Georgiem,Karl, Sawyer,and Kate were breaking up rocks. Leon and Patrick were being taken to help them break up rocks.

Leon:We have to escape.


Leon:Wait until we get closer to the rest of them.

The others brought them to the runway where their friends were breaking rocks. Leon elbowed an other in the face, grabbed his gun, and shot him. Patrcik tackled another other, grabbing his gun. He smashed it into the others face. Mor others started to run towards them. Patrick and Leon shot them. Sawyer and Kate grabbed guns. They heard more others shouting.

Sawyer:I think we all beter run like hell right now.


The group ran as fast as they could. It started to rain down on the group. As the seconds wwent by, visibility decreased. Patrick tripped, crashing into Georgie. They both fell over a smaal hill crashing into a swamp. Leon fell face frst into the ground. Others started to catch up. He grabbed his gun and shot them. Karl,Kate and Sawyer kept running. Sawyer ran down to where Patrick and Georgie had fallen. Gerogie's arm was trapped under a fallen tree.

Patrick:Go. Il get her out.

Georgie:No you go with them,I'l be fine.

Karl:Guys we have to go, like right now.

Sawyer sighed, and than ran off with Kate and Karl. Leon followed them. They had made to the beach where their where to long boats. Leon pulled out a walkie talkie he had stolen from an other.

Leon:Hello?Is anyone their.

Man:Yeah.Its Tom Friendly. Who is this.

Leon:Its Leon. Leon Van de Kamp.

Over the walkie talkie,Leon heard Tom scream at Jack.

Jack:Leon,, its Jack. I just bought you guys time to escape.

Kate ran and grabbed the radio

Kate:Jack dont worry we wont leave without you.

Jack:You guys need to go now.

Kate I wont leave without you


Man:Dont move.

The group turned to see Danny Pickett, a gun aimed at Sawyer.

Danny:My guys have your two other friends. The girls hand is stuck pretty bad.

There were gunshots in the jungle.

Sawyer:You son of a b!+# if either of them are hurt im going to kill you.

Danny started to pull the trigger when he was shot twice in the back. Juliet stood behind him,gun in hand.

Juliet:You guys, get out of here now. I just bought you some time.

Saywer: Thanks blondie. Come on lets get out of here.

Leon:You guys go, Im staying.

Sawyer:What the hell is wrong with you.

Leon:Nothing.I have to stay.

Sawyer,Kate and Karl hopped in one of the boats and started to row away.


Leon:i just feel like I have to stay. I cant explain why.

Back on the main land, three others took Jason to the beachcamp.

jason:Everyone I need to say something. The others dont want to fight with us anymore. They want peace. They have decided to...

There was a gun shot, and Jason stumbled back. Chase Blain,gun in hand, aimed it at the others.

Chase:You dont own this island anymore


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