Previously on Lost

  • Scene of A-team being captured by others
  • Leon remebers bit of past
  • Meets Juliet

Leon;Why are you guys doing this?


Leon:Kidnapp us

Juliet:Jack Shepard is going to treat our leader for a spinal tumor.James,Kate,and Georgie are going to be doing labor. Jason is going to persuade the survivors to come with him. You and Patrick... your going to be held hostage.


Leon starred at her her for a monment. He pushed her and ran for the door. It was locked. he heard her say 'Im sorry' before knocking him out.

Widmore had sent Leon on a suicide mission. He had made it past the guards by blowing up a tank of oil, but it knocked him out. He had woken up in fancy room, tied to a chair.

Man:So Widmore tried to kill me again. ha, I done with our fighting. now kamp, I want you to tell your boss that I want to have a meeting with him. Oh yeah, Im sorry I was rude, names Martin. Martin Keamy

Part two coming soon

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