Chase's eyes shot open. He screamed in pain. His hand is stuck under a piece of rubble, a fork in his leg.


Chase and the others closed in on the Barracks. The Others' leader, Charles Widmore, ordered that the Others use the Initiative's Tempest station to release poison gas to kill its members. The Dharma members didnt stand a chance as they inhaled the poison gases. Chase saw two of them running. He ran after them. He fired his gun, causing one to fall


Samuel:Dont hurt me. I surrender. Let me join you.

years pass.

Widmore:Dont do this Benjamin.

Ben:Its over Charles. You are no longer in charge of us.

there was gunfire. A group of others were trying to get to Ben. Chase tackled Ben and repeatedly punched him. Richard pushed Chase off of Ben. Samuel tried to hlp , but was beat up. Widmore was forced onto the submarine. On board Widmore heard grunts and screams. Chase came into the room.

Chase:I can take you back to the island

Widmore:No. Il find this place again one day


Samuel Davidson helped Chase get the piece of rubble off of him.

Chase:Thaks Sammy.

Samuel;We need to talk.

Chase:Whos we.

man:That means me

Chase:Who are you?

Man:Phil, the last living Dharma initiative member


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