The Elizabeth sailed towards the others base. Then their was gunfire. The group grabbed their guns and shot towards the dock filled with others. When it became clear they couldn't help, Sayid told them to shot fireing. Justinian stared out at dock. Wade lay on the ground, injured. He thought of his mission. Kill Wade Barret, and anyone who tries to stop him.


Jusinian:Tell Sayid to stop the boat.

Sun:What no we have to save are friends

Justinian:DO IT NOW!


Justinian didn't hesitate to pull the trigger. Sun fell, grabbing her shoulder. Jin ran out. Justinian shot him, causing him to fall off the boat. Sayid would be the most difficult to defeat. There was a creak. Justian turned and shot Sayid, who fell. Justinian ran and jumped into the water below. He swam to the shore where Wade lay.

Wade:Well well well looks like the executioner finally found me.

Justinian:You are a sick monster. Im going to end you once and for all.

Wade:Do you know why I kill? 7 years ago, I was promoted to manager at my job. My family had a party. We were waiting for my sister, who never came. I looked for her and I found her beaten and nearly dead. The killer had come back to make sure she was dead. So I killed him. And it felt good killing a low life so I kill any evil human I see

Justinian:You kill innocent woman.

Wade:And you dont. Did you not just shoot the asian lady on the boat. I make sure its painless. I knife into the heart. I make sure these woman dont go through the pain my sister felt.

Jusitinian:Im goin to kill you you son of a


Justinain turned around to see Skip aim a gun at him. Wade came up from behinde and grabbed Justinian.

Skip:Wade dont you..

Wade twisted until there was a crack. Skip starred at Justinain and than shot Wade.

Skip:Thats for threatning my family.


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