Previously on Lost

"Go help other survivors, im a doctor"-Jack

All of a sudden, the trees started to shak and a strange roaring noise came from the jungle.

"Did you hear. The doctor bruntte and Drive Shaft guy went into the jungle to find the cockpit"-Claire "How long ago did they leave"-Patrick "30 minutes ago. Please don't go in after them. You will be all alone" "No you wont. Jacoob will be with you"- a man named Chase Blaine


Sniff.Sniff. Skip Sheffield couldnt stop sniffing. There was still smoke coming from the fuelsalage. It hurt his nose.Sniff. (Woosh(Flashback noise))

"WOW! That was amazing. Jeffery lifted 500lbs. Who can top that. Maybe Skip'Silky'Sheffeild!"-Annoncer. Skip came into the room,flexing his muscles. The room cheered.


Sniff."D@mn nose."-Skip. "help me" "Did you say something?"-Skip Patrick-"No why?" "i thought i heard...there it was again. OHMYGOD SOMEONES TRAPPED UNDER A PIECE OF THE PLANE!!!" Skip,Patrick, and Chase ran towards the place the noise came from. "help me"


"SILKY SILKY SILKY SILKY"-the audience. Skip lifted the weight. 700lbs. He lifted and lifted. It was so important to lift it. His ex was watching. He thought if he could lift it, he could get her back. He started to lift the weight. And then he screamed. His shoulder had given out.'And the winner is...Jeffery 'Heffty'"-the annoncer. Skip had failed when it mattered most.


Skip liffted and lifted. The Huge chunk of metal woulnt move. He needed to do this. some ones life depended onit."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"-Skip he moved he peice of metal and chase and patrick pulled out the girl. Skip smiled he had seceded. His victory was short live. Jack,Kate, and Charlie had come back,a grim look on their faces. Skip heard what they told a man called sayid."The pilots dead. There is somthing out there. And whatever it it, it knows about us.


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