Mason:Charles(sob) Charles Widmore.

Jason dropped his gun and realized that no one was going to be alive this time next week. He snuck back up the ladder.

Jason:Ben... we have a situation.

Wade tackled Jason. He punched him in the face.

Wade:What the hell are you doing. Why are you working for the others!

He through Jason into the ? station. Jason landed on the ground with a thud.


Desmond grabbed Charlie and untied him. He swam to the surface helping Charlie. Chase was yelling at Bonnie and Greta.


He shot Greta in the leg. She fell and grabbed her leg. Chase grabbed a knife and slashed it across bonnie's face.Greta tells him the code numbers. He goes back into the communicatuion room. Des and Charlie sneek back onto the platform,hiding in lockers. Mikahial arrives at the station.

Leon woke up to an explosion. he ran to the beach camp at the same time as Skip to see Bernard,Jin, and Syaid tied up.

Skip:Whats going on

Leon:I have no idea.

(On the way to the Radio Tower)

Boone:Hey guys, wheres Shannon?

Sawyer;Son of a b!tch!

Boone realized that Shannon went back to see Sayid. He started to head towards the beachcamp.

Sawyer:Hey Jumbotron, take cripple with you

Sawyer handed Georgie to Hugo and ran after Boone.

Wade climbed down the ladder. he looked around for Jason. He was shoved against the wall. He fought back against Jason. He had the upper hand. And then he collapsed. Jason had stabbed him.

Jacks group kept marching, untill they came apon a man sitting on the ground with a bag full of money.It was Ben Flood. Patrick and Alex came out of the jungle with Ben. Patrick saw Flood and charged at him. He tackled Flood.

Patrick:You jerk, you left us for dead!

Flood:Im sorry.

Patrick released Flood. he spat at him and continued the march.Ben takes Jack aside and Jack grabs Ben's walky. Ben tells Jack that Naomi is one of the "bad guys" trying to find the Island, and if she makes contact with her ship, "every living person" on the Island will be killed. Jack refuses to surrender the satellite phone. Ben requests his walky back because there is something he needs to hear. He radios the beach and talks to Tom so that Jack can hear that the Others have captured Sayid, Bernard, and Jin. Ben tells Jack to get Naomi's phone and bring it to him. Jack asks why he shouldn't just snap Ben's neck, so Ben tells Tom that if he does not hear back from him in one minute, Tom is to shoot all three hostages. Jack is wracked with doubt but refuses to back down. The minute is up.There is a lot of noise in the radio. then a gunshot and someone screaming Shannon.

Sayid held Shannon's lifeless body. Jason Everheart had a gun in his hand.

Jason:Two Survivors dead today. The girl and Wade.

Boone and Sawyer made it back to see Sayid holding Shannon. Boone was about to scream but Sawyer grabbed him and covered him mouth.

Sawyer;Quiet. I know its aweful but if you say anything we will both die.

Jason:Come on out James Ford.

Sawyer:Son of a B!tch

Sawyer and Boone came out with their hands up.A weaponless Skip and Leon watch, not able to do anything.

Jason:I know your watching de kamp,Sheiffield. I can hear you. I wasent born yesterday. Come out with your hands up or I WILL kill Mr.Ford over here. Now thats better. Okay, you all aree going to be killed nice and...what was that.

A Dharma Van came driving from the jungle. Hurley and Georgie laughed as they ran over Pryce. Jason ran. Sawyer grabbed a gun and shot at an Other. Jason pulled out his radio.

Jason:Whitlark, I need you and some reinforcments.I need you guys 5 minutes ago. HURRY!

Jason turned only to be stabbed by justinian. he shoved Justinian away, and pulled the knife out of his leg. The survivors hid behinde the car while The others were regroupig.

Leon:Skip I need you to check on Wade.

Skip snuck around the car an ran into the jungle.

Jack came back to the group with a beaten and bloddied ben. They continued their march. Juliet ran up to jack, kissed him, and ran back towards the beach camp.

Jason limped back to the Others. He smiled. Forrest Whitlark and 10 Others had arrived.

                                            END OF PART TWO
                                               PART THREE

Patrick woke up with a start. Same dream. A dream about zombies. He ran over to his computer and started to type. 3 weeks later, he had finished. It took barley any time. He sent it to the publisher the next week.A week later,the publisher stole the idea and published it under his own name. Their was no evidence against him.


They were almost at the radio tower. Patrick had watched as Juleit,Hurley, and Georgie left to go help the beach camp people. he couldnt handle not knowing. he ran back to help them.

Jason;Cant win now Leon Van de kamp, real name, Joshua Jackson. Born in 1975, born in England, moved to America at 18. You got married, had a family, became a detective in a small town. Family killed by a grieving father, left you for dead.

Leon started to cry. Some memories came back. His wifes dead body, a bullet in her head. His daughter, 2 bullets in the chest. Hit her lung. She wasent even dead when Leon was shot. Leon screamed came out from behinde the van and shot jason in the chest. He stumbled back, grabbing his chest.

Jason:Whitlark, grab the girl. I want to show Joshua why you DONT MESS WITH JASON EVERHEART.

Whitlark grabbed georgie by the hair and dragged her away from the group. Jason pointed at Georgie.


Jason screamed, grabbing his hand where his right pointer finger use to be. Juliet stood near jason, gun in hand.

Jason:Men, kill the b!tch.

(Looking Glass)

Mikahil walked around, qaiting for Chase to come out. Bonnie ran and attacked him. He shot her. Desmond came out from hiding and shot Mikahail with a spear gun.

Des;Greta right. Leave now. Hurry before Chase comes ut of their.

A few minutes after Greta left, Chase came out.

Chase:Well well well... Charlie ran into the communicaton room. Chase shot at Charlie and hit hm in the stomache.


Patrick was with his girlfriend.The week had been aweful. His publisher stole his book, he was robbed by a maniac, and the Barnes and Noble he worked at was burned down.

Girlfriend:You look troubled. Well besides everything else. You miss her dont you.


Girlfriend;You want to see her




The group had made it to the radio tower. Naomi got a signal. She started to call when a knife hit her in the back.


Jason:You are all fools. There are more of us than you.

Sawyer:Maybe, but you forgot one thing.


Sawyer:What piece of dynamite hasent blown up yet.

Sawyer grabbed a gun and shot it. Others went flying. Jason fell to the ground. Only Tom, Whitlark,jason and two others were left.

Revolver in hand, Locke threatens to shoot Jack to prevent him using the phone. Ben urges Locke to kill Jack but Rousseau knocks Ben out. Jack stands his ground, telling Locke, "You're done keeping me on this island." Locke can't pull the trigger, but tells Jack, "You're not supposed to do this," before walking away.

Desmond and Chase start to fight On a video screen, he speaks to a woman whose image crystallizes and shows it is Penny (she asks how Charlie got this frequency, implying that she is responding to a call rather than initiating the call). Charlie calls Desmond and Penny hears his name called and finds out from Charlie that he is well. Charlie talks about the freighter and Naomi; but Penny, quite confused, says she is not on a boat and asks, "Who is Naomi?"

Mikhail appears at Charlie’s porthole brandishing a hand grenade. Mikhail, smiles as he detonates the grenade; the porthole shatters and water pours into the compartment. Charliecloses the door, and Desmond runs to stop him.Charlie is now confined. Desmond tries in vain to break the door’s window. As the room fills with water Charlie accepts fate and writes a message on his hand and presses it against the door’s window for Desmond to read: NOT PENNYS BOAT. As he drowns, Charlie makes the sign of the Cross. Chase jumps into the water, swiming away.

Jason grabs Georgie and holds her at gunpoint.Jason is shot in the back by Patrick.Whitlark shoves Tom, and flees. Jason is surronded.

Jason:You think you have won. You are all goin to die.

He pulled a gun and whent to shoot Leon. Boone Sayid and Leon all shot at him. Jason fell down dead.

Tom:I..I give up.

Sawyer shot him.

Sawyer:Thats for taking the kid off the raft.

Minkowski answers the phone from the Freighter. Jack explains who he is and mentions Naomi's name, which Minkowski recognizes. Jack asks if Minkowski can get a fix on his location; Minkowski tells him someone is being sent to the Island immediately. Ben looks on helplessly as the survivors celebrate in anticipation of rescue. Jack is overcome with relief and on the brink of tears.


Patrick sat on his car, staring at the stars.Another car pulled up.A man got out of the car.

Man;Did you read the paper.s Some woman named Ali Sheifield was killed today


Man:Did you talk to her

Patrick:Yep. And she said no.

Man;Its all my fault.

Patrick:No its not

Man:They all died because of me. I wanted to get revenge, so i killed him. And now everyone on it is dead.


The man turns around, a sstreet light revealing his face.

Ben Flood:yes. Its all my fault. And now are lives are a mess and we cant get back to the island.


Woah 3 seasons done. 5 more to go. If anyone wants a characte, Im willing to give them one.

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