Its a nice bright morning. A man wakes up, brushes his teeth, shower, gets dressed and goes on with his normal day. He goes outside, ready for work.Then the ground shakes. He stares up into the sky to see a plane break apart midair.

Ben:Jason, go to the tail section, your a survivor your confused and disoriented. If they ask you about your self, use the story that got you here.

Jason nodded, and ran off.


Day One

Jason saw survivors climbing out the water. He ran and jumped in, swiming to save someone. There were plane parts every where. People screaming. jason had a big job to do.


man:Why were you on the plane.

Jason;Um... Wll I moved to Australia with a movie producer. I conned her out her money, but i got caught, and was being deported.This is insane. No rescue plane yet

Mindy:Don't worry they will be here. They will find us. They have to. How in the world can keep my hair like this if we are stuck on an island

Mandy:There not going to find us. No one is going to find us. Why would anyone waste their time looking for US. What are we to other people

Mindy:We have to look on the bright side. We aren't dead

Mandy:How is that a good thing

All of a sudden, their was a commotion. One man,Mr.Eko,was fightng 7 men. As the group went to help Eko,a strange noise appered,followed by shaking trees.The others started to run as a pillar of black smoke came. It attacked multiple members of the survivors. jason ran, but it flung him.

Day 3

Jason wakes up to water splashing on his face. It is Ben. he tells Jason to go spy on the beachcamp.

Day 16

Jason spots Ethan, one of the others. He follows himin the shadows.

ETHAN: Hello there.

CHARLIE: Ethan, where's Jack?

Ethan just stares at them. Claire looks terrified. Charlie stands in front of Ethan. Etahn shoves him and grabs at Claire. Charlie tackles Etahan. Jason runs out, shoving Charlie off of Ethan. Ethan grabs Claire as Jason grabs Charlie.

Day 17

Jason watches as Patrick,Jack,Kate,Locke and Sawyer confront Bea and Ethan.Justinain kicked Ethans legs,sending his gun flying.Patrick shot bea in the shoulder, causing her to let go of Claire. Ethan and Justinain were fighting. Ethan got the upper hand when a bullet grazed his shoulder. It was Charlie, holding Ethans fallen gun. Ethan shoved Justinain at the A-team and ran.Patrick was already gone chasing after Ethan. Ethan had gotten clear of the trees when Patrick came out and tackled him. When they hit the ground,Ethan grabbed the gun. Patrick and Ethan fought over the gun. Ethan tried to keep the gun away from Patrick, but he grabbed it Ethan tried to throw it out of reach, but he trew it to far, right over the edge of a cliff. Ethan and Patrick stood up, punching and kicking each other. Patrick had taken martial arts, but ethan still over powered him. But Patrick got a lucky punch, and Ethan fell over the cliff. Patrick wouldnt let the man die, so he reached out and grabed his arm. Ethan grabbed Patricks arm and tried to pull him off with him. 3 bullets hit ethan, causing him to lose his grip and fall forever.

Day 18

Ethan wakes up to see Jason sitting beside him with a canteen of water and some fruit.

Jason:You seem to have at least 4 broken ribs. And you have 3 bullet wounds. I have already taken care of those so you should be fine.

Day 41

Georgie: Come out you monsters

Jason pulled out his gun and shot at her. He was not a monster. He thought about what led him to the iland. He had conned a mvie producer and stole her money. She killed herself.Richard found him and brought him to the island.He wasent a monster. Patrick ran out and started shooting.Jason fled. Then their was a scream. Their was a bald man pulling an injured man out of a fallen airplane. Patrick ran to help. Jason swung a tree branch knocking him out. he dragged him to a tree and tied him up.

Day 43

Jason was following Patrick and Gerogie. Etahn,Bea and Forrest Whitlark were with him. He accidently stepped on a branch. Patrick and Georgie ran. The group chased them. Jason grabbed at Georgie, but it was too late. They dived off the cliff.

Jason:Ethan head back to their camp. Wait for him to return. Bea tell Mikiahail to prepare the attack.

The group of others attacked the beach camp. They had almost won. Sayid shot be square in the chest. Jason grabbed her and pulled her away.

Bea:Do it

Jason closed his eyes as he shot Bea in the heart.

Day 48

The tailies were almost back to the beach camp. Jason and Mason saw Cindy trailing behinde. Jason grabbed her and knocked her out. A few minutes later more others had arrived to take the tailies. Jason watched as they kidnapped Mason.

Day 64

Jason was headed to the beachcamp when he heard shootimg. he ran to see a group of dead others. he whent back to Bem

Jason:We need to take sopme of them.They killed alot of our men today.

Ben:Dont worry, Mason is taking care of that.I have a job for you

Day 66

Jason covered himslef in some dirt. Then he ran out into the beach camp screaming. guys are survivors right.These people kidnapped me. I just got away and followed a group of them back here. They are planning an attack.

Jack:Calm down. Who are you?

Jason:My name is Jason Everheart. I was on Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed. i was in the tail section.

One of the tailies started to argue

Ben Flood:I dont remeber you. hes an other!

A big commotion started. People were yelling and fighting. Jack pulled out a gn and shot into the air.

Jack:SHUT UP!We need too stop this fighting.The others want to come to us, but we are going to them. me,Kate,Sawyer,Jason,and Patrick are coming with me. Leon,Georgie,Hugo, and Skip will follow behinde us. Sayid, you will take Sun,Jin and Justinian on the sailboat.

That noght, jason went into the forrest.

Jason;Everything is set up


Day 67

Jack and his group were cornered. Others surronded them.Henry Gale was in front.

Gale:Shoot the spares.

The others shot at Skip and Leon. Skip ran and dove into the ocean. Leon shot back. The others were about to kill him when they started getting shot at from behinde. It was a injured and blodied Wade. The Elizibeth started to sail by. Justinain,Sayid and Jin started shooting. Henry ordered his men to take as many survivors as they could besides Hugo. Micheal is also there,shooting at the Elizabeth. Henry Gale closes the deal with Michael. "Henry" is not happy with the arrangement, but they got "more than they bargained for when Walt joined them." Since he lived up to his word, Michael is given the boat and Walt, and instructed to escape the Island by following a bearing of 325 degrees to find rescue. Michael wonders whether that is all. He asks Henry how he knows he won't tell anyone about the Island. But "Henry" replies that whether or not he tells people won't matter: once he has left the Island, he won't be able to come back. Anyway, "Henry" believes that Michael won't tell anyone, because if he does, people will find out what he did to get his son back. Michael is reassured that his friends would not be hurt as a deal's a deal. Finally, Michael asks "Henry" - "Who are you people?" "Henry" replies, "We're the good guys, Michael." As Michael is reunited with his son on the boat, "Henry" adds, "Bon voyage, Michael." Michael leaves Jack, Sawyer, Kate Leon,Georgie,and Patrick to stare at him and Walt also sees the bound and gagged kneeling prisoners with guns pointed at them. The rest of the prisoners are "coming home with the Others." Hurley looks at Jack, who, with his eyes, tells him to go. As Michael leaves on the boat, he looks one last time at an angry and betrayed Jack. Kate and Jack look at each other, not knowing what is going to happen to them. The captives are hooded by the Others in preparation for transport.

Ben:Great Job Jason. But I have another job for you

Day 68

Jason Everheart woke up, his arm bandaged. He had been pretending to have been shot when the shooting started. He heard Sawyer arging with a boy.

Day 70

Jason was suppose to convince the survivors that they should go with the others. But Chase Blaine shot him. He reconized the man standing next to him.Samuel Danielson. A former other. Chase killed the others "holding Jason hostage"

Day 85

Jason was eating lunch when he heard Desmond tell Patrick and Charlie about a helicoptor and a woman. He got up and ran to Ben. He stopped and watched Mason.

Mason;Hurry and send Naomi already.

Jason smiled at all his information.

Jason: A group is headed out to intercept some one coming from a helicoptor

Ben:Send Mikahial.

Jason:Oh yeah, I followed someone. I know who the traitor is.


Jason:Mason applewhite.

Ben:Good job Jason.

Jason:Thank you sir.

Day 90-NOW

Karl knew the plans. He had a huge head start over Jason.He arrives back at camp. Karl pulls a gun on him.

Sawyer:Easy their son, hes one of us.

Karl:What no hes not. He an other. hes been an other for almost 4 years.

Jason stares at the group in horror. He shoots at them and runs. He sees a girl collapse foward in pain from a bullet. Leon sees him and shoots at him. Jason shoots at Leon, before hiting him in the head with a branch. Jason flees into the ? station. He sees Wade tourturing Mason.


Mason:Charles(sob) Charles Widmore.

Jason dropped his gun and realized that no one was going to be alive this time next week. He snuck back up the ladder.

Jason:Ben... we have a situation.


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