(Do to a lot of plots, this season is now 18 eps instead of 17)

Ben:I need you to place the bom in Van de kamps hous. Leave Patrick and his girlfriend alone. Leon is more...reckless, his memory has not fully returned.

The door to Ben's house bursts open, and a bleeding other walks in.

Other: Sniper...he betrayed

The other collapsed into Bens arms.

                                                     Ben Flood
                                                Guest Starring:Ben
                                                     A lot of Others
                                                     Forrest Whitlark

Ben:I want fifteen men at the edge of the forrest in 10 minutes. We need to find out whoever is attacking us.

His men searched the jungle all day, finding nothing. As they came back around sun up, Ben saw Juliet waiting by the Sonar fences.

Ben:Waiting for someone? no. I just wanted some fresh air.

Their was footsteps. Ben grabbed Juliet and aimed a gun at her.

Ben:Enjoy your walk

Patrick:Let her go. she has nothing to do with this

Ben:Than how did you get past the sonar fences.

Patrick:I snuck into your house found a piece of paper with the code.

Ben:That must be the worst lie I have ever heard.

Patrick:Your daughter gave it to me.

Ben knew that Alex didnt do it, but he still released Juliet. He had more important matters to attend.

Ben:If anyone tries to escape, stop themm. Shoot them I dont care, but dont let them.

Other:Okay. Should I have some men ready.

Ben nodded. He grabbed a gun, and along with some others, went into the forrest. About an hour in, they were shot at. It was more than one persons.

Ben:Forrest, get over here.

Forrest was a tall, strong built man. He ran over to Ben,hiding behinde a tree.Thet fought for about 10 minutes, until all the snipers were dead. Ben checked one of them. He glared at him, reconzing him. Jeffery McClusky, age 37, born in Chicago,Illinoise. One of Charels Widmore's personal assassins.

The group returned late at night to the sound of gun fire. The others ran to help. Ben watched as they fled. Leon and Juliet turned back and headed for the house. ben waited a minute for them to come out. they didnt. Ben pulled out a trigger, and pressed it. He watched as the house exploded.

A few hours later, their was a knock on his door.

Man: A group is headed out to intercept some one coming from a helicoptor.

Ben:Send Mikahial.

Man:Oh yeah, I followed someone. I know who the traitor is.


Man:Mason applewhite.

Ben:Good job Jason.

Jason Everheart:Thank you sir.


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