(To avoid confusion, Ben Linus will be called ben and Ben Flood will be called either Flood or Benny)

Robber:Everybody put your hands in the air!

Their were 4 men with masks and guns robbing a bank. One of them went to the vault while the others were watching their hostages. One robber ran to the woman about to press the silent alarm. She grabbed his mask and ripped it off, revealing the face of Ben Flood.


Ben Flood hid behinde one of the houses. He leaned out an shot at an other. A bullet hit him in the shoulder, causing him to hide. Patrick,Leon,Georgie, and Juliet joined the fight. Leon ran out to save Juliet, but he was shot. As he collapsed, he killed the other. Skip and Justinian could here the fighting from 10 yards away.

Sawyer woke up at the Black Rock. Locke was sitting outside next to him.

Locke:I think their is something you want to see in their James

Sawyer:What the hell is it Professor X?

Locke: Something you have been looking for for a really long time.

Mason walked next to Locke as Sawyer went into the ship.

Mason:Ben put you up to this.

Locke:Yes and No. Im suppose to do the deed. But if the deed is done, the deed is done.


One man tried to stop Flood.

Flood;Sit down now before I shoot you.

The man is Locke.

Flood:Hurry up Jerry, I hear sirens.

Ben ran up to Jerry, punched in the face, grabbed a bag of money and ran.


The group was starting to be surronded. Their were two others for every survivor. georgie and Patrick were pushed up against the house. The others started to surrond them. Patrick kicked down the door and hid inside with Georgie.

Patrick;Looks like we are not going to make it out of this.

he kissed georgie and ran outside shooting at the others, only to run back in seconds later.

Patrick:Their are at least 20 shooting at us.Wait, I just realized, this is Ben's house.

Slowly, the rest of the group piled into the house.


Benny had made it to Australia. He had not been caught for four months. One day a he had a knock on his door.

Man:Ben Flood, you are being deported back to the United States. You are to take flight Oceanic 815 tommorow.


The others had completely surronded the house. Benny snuck into the back room, where he found bundles of money. He then realized that the others were breaking in, and the room he was in was a panic room. Patrick turned around to see the door close.

Patrick:Benny open up!


Patrick:At least let georgie hide in their.

The others had finally made it in. they started to drag the group away. Sayid twisted an others hand, shooting him. The group made a run for it.

Leon: Wait, the rest of the guns are still at one of the houses.

He started to run back, and Juliet tried to stop them. They ran around the side of the houses, avoiding the others. They made it back to the house, and grabbed the guns. Patrick ran back to help them, but it was too late. The house exploded.


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