Patrick had made to back to the camp as the sun was rising. He arrives back to see Ben holding Juliet at gunpoint.

Ben:Enjoy your walk

Patrick:Let her go. she has nothing to do with this

Ben:Than how did you get past the sonar fences.

Patrick:I snuck into your house found a piece of paper with the code.

Ben:That must be the worst lie I have ever heard.

Patrick:Your daughter gave it to me.


Ben released Juliet. Ben:Dont try anything else. or I will be forced to do something about it.

Later, Patrick saw Jack for the first time in weeks.

Patrick: Jack! We were able to talk to one our group. They are planning to stop the others.

Jack:What! No way. You have to stop them. I have a chance to get off the island.

Patrick:What? Your going to leave us behinde on the island.

Jack walks away from Patrick. An other walks towards Patrick

Other:Cant help but over here that you have a plan to attack us (Bang)

The other collapsed foward into Patrick's arms.

Patrick sees Locke,Kate,Sayid,and Ben Flood making it over the sonar fences.

Patrick:Why did you shoot him?

Locke:It wasent us. There is someone else here.

Patrick:Ok well you guys need to hide. Take this guy(implying the dead other) with you.

Later on, a man walked up to Patrick.

Man:I no that your friends are hiding out, waiting for the cover of night to escape.

Patrick:Who are you?

Man:Dont worry. Im a friend. My name is Richard Alpert. Ican help you get your friends out of here.

(On the Elizabeth)

Wade woke up bound and gagged. Justinian was headed for the beach camp. When they were really close, Justinian unbound Wade. They both swam to shore.

Skip:What the hell?You died.

Justinian:Nope. Um Wadey boy thought he killed me. My neck does hurt, but Im alive and well. Whats going on here. You guyss look like something big is about to go down.

Kate came running to the group.

Kate:Guys, Sawyer is gone.

It was nearly midnight. The rescue group snuck out from their hiding places. Then their were gun shots. Others were shooting at them. They all split up and hid. Locke ran behinde a house and was knocked out.

Mason, Skip and Justinian were searching for Sawyer. It was dark ut and Mason couldnt see the other men. He pulled out a walkie talkie.

Mason:Shefield and Syadne dont suspect a thing. The dummy trail is set.

Man over radio:Good job Mason.

Mason:Thank you Tom.

Maason than put the walkie talkie away, and grabbed another one.

Mason:Send the girl tommorow. Dont send anyone else until she tells you to. And make sure everything is ready. Fuel up everything. I cant wait to see how this all turns out.


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