All it takes is 12 people to change Lost history

Go help other survivors, im a doctor"-Jack

All of a sudden, the trees started to shak and a strange roaring noise came from the jungle. "Did you hear. The doctor bruntte and Drive Shaft guy went into the jungle to find the cockpit"-Claire "How long ago did they leave"-Patrick "30 minutes ago. Please don't go in after them. You will be all alone" "No you wont. Jacoob will be with you"- a man named Chase Blaine Sniff.Sniff. Skip Sheffield couldnt stop sniffing.

"Hurry up Ethans gettin away"

"Dont open the hatch Locke. You do and ill blow your head clean off"-Wade


"Clair...I love you"-PAtrick. a bullet hits Patrick in the back

"Georgie hurry. Grab my hand!"-Patrick. Patrick and Georgie jump off the cliff into the waters below

"Who are they"-Patrick "There the other"-Samuel Danielson


"Why didnt you tell Jack the truth about what happened to Robert"-Patrick

"Sayid are you ok?'-Patrick "No GET JACK NOW! There are others on this island. we are not alone"-Sayid

"you take 1 more step towards freckles and ill kill you you son of a b!tc#!"--Sawyer "Take your best shot redneck"-Wade

'Wade you just killed Neil Frogurt!"-Justinian

"Well well well we got the hatch open. Whats the wort that could be inside?'-Patrick



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