An eye opens for a second,before closing again. All Leon could see was darkness. The pain was unbearable. He couldnt create any sound,even a scream. He felt an arm wrap around him and drag him on to wood. Finally,Leon let himself go into the darkness. Sun and shannon had almost finished diggin a grave for Georgie and Paulo when they heard rustling in the forrest. They started backing away when Georgie came walking out of the forrest


"i remember my lungs filling up with water. Then everything went dark.Then there was light,so bright it was overwhelming. And then I woke up and i was in the middle of a bamboo grove"-georgie explained to sun and Shannon. The information was insane. Shannon&Sun didnt understand.

sawyer and micheal took the raft back to the island. there, they found Jin running away from others. "Ya'll take one step and you will be beggin your dead"-an other. Leon pulled out a gun from his pants and shot the man in the shot the other. The other fell down, grabbing his elbow in pain. a tall dark skinned man charged at them.He hit Leon in the face with a wodden stick. Micheal tackled him from behinde. Another man came and tackled Micheal. Jin spun around, smacking him in the face. "STOP!You will stop this useless fighting.Jacob would not be happy"-A man named Samuel Danielson .


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