The fans were everywhere. They were pushing and shoving to get there book singed. One guy pulled out a gun. "All right,everybody down. Give me all your money and know one gets..."-Robber. A man with a beard tackled the robber. The man fired a bullet and jumped through a window before anyone could catch him. After the ma,Desmond was treated for the gun shot wound, patrick gave him 5 singed copies for him and friends. "Do you know who the robber was?"-Patrick "We suspect it was a known criminal, goes by the name Wade, Wade Barret"-Police


(Introdouction to pushing the button,same scene as in Orientation)

The three men were at the computer when they heard jack.

(Same seen at the end of man of Faith,Man of science)

jack took a step closer to Desmond and Patrick came from behinde and tackeled Jack. A gun went off and hit the computer. "Oh no, we are all going to die!"-Desmond

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