A man rises from a bunk bed and enters the Numbers into an Apple II computer. He gets dressed and begins his day as the camera moves about the surrounding rooms, which contain an assortment of objects from the 1960s to the present. He puts on some music, begins an exercise routine, has a shower, makes himself some breakfast, and injects himself with something from one of the shelves. He is suddenly interrupted by what seems to be an explosion and his whole home shakes, stopping the record player.

The man rushes to arm himself and uses some kind of security system made up of a series of mirrors to look down a hallway. As his gaze reaches further and further through the complex, it continues up a shaft that reaches high up, and eventually to the faces of Jack and Locke. They are peering down, sitting around the now-open hatch.

"SO NOW WHAT JOHN(JACKFACE)WE WASTED ALL THIS TIME AND TWO SURVIVORS DIED FOR NOTHING!THERES NO WAY YO GET DOWN THERE!"-Jack. Jack stomed off into the jungle furious.Locke tied rope around Kate and lowered her into the hatch. Than Locke lowered Patrick. "Kate,where are you?Kate"-Patrick "Who are you Brotha! What are you doing here?"-Man "We crashsed here on this island. Are plane crashed. We have been trying to find a place from the others on this island."-Patrick. A minute later, Lock came down. The man told them to follow them into a room. When he could see them in a lit area, he starred at Patrick."I know you brotha"-Man

Part 2 of episode 1 coming soon

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