A woman is preparing to host a book club meeting at her house. Initially she plays some music, then looks at herself in a mirror. ♪ She seems upset, crying, and trying to keep her composure. The oven timer goes off and she discovers the oven is billowing smoke: her muffins have burnt. She hurriedly takes them out, burning her hand and dropping them on the floor in the process. The doorbell rings, there is a woman at the door. Outside, a man is working on the plumbing. The two women go inside.

Later, the book club meets; the book being discussed is Carrie by Stephen King. A man named Adam complains about the woman's -- now identified as Juliet -- choice of this book and remarks that "Ben" wouldn't read it "even in the bathroom". Juliet argues with Adam that it's her favorite book, stating "here I am, thinking that free will still actually exists on..." She is interrupted by a rumbling like an earthquake, shaking the house. Everyone quickly gets into the doorways. After it ends, they run outside, and we see that the house seems to be in a cul-de-sac community. The man repairing the plumbing stands up, revealing that he is Ethan.

The man who claimed to be Henry Gale exits another house nearby, troubled. While everyone else is looking around, he looks up. ♪ The other people follow his gaze, and see the mid-air break-up and crash of Oceanic 815: the tail going off in one direction, the fuselage in another. The fake Henry Gale tells Ethan Rom and Goodwin to each go to one of the crash sites, that Goodwin can make the shore in an hour. They are both instructed to act as survivors in shock. They must come up with an adequate story if they are asked, but stay quiet if they aren't. He tells them: "Listen, learn. Don't get involved." They also must provide him with "a list" in three days. They both run. ♪ The fake Henry now comes closer to Juliet, who is still holding the book. "So I guess I'm out of the book club", in reference to a past event. A white dove flies away from the community of houses in a clearing in the jungle in what may be an ancient caldera. The houses are situated near the center of the Island


Patrick wakes up in a grey room. He can hear Jack in the room next to him. He tries to think of how he got to this room but he couldnt remeber. georgie wakes up in a shower room next to Kate. the bearded man stood over them.He indicates a clean towel, a new bottle of shampoo and an unwrapped bar of soap, and tells her to take "a nice hot shower." She refuses to shower in his presence, but Tom laughs and tells her she's not his type; he then leaves. Leon wakes up to the sound of:"Son of a B!tch!!

He is in a cage next to Sawyer.There is a boy in the cage across from them.

Boy:I told you so.

Sawyer gave the boy a dirty look. Jason Everheart woke up, his arm bandaged. He had been shot when the shooting started. He heard Sawyer arging with a boy. Leon saw a big button and went to push it. Sawyer went to stop him but it was to late.He presse it and...

There were 7 guys shooting at Leon. Widmore hadnt told him the building would be so guarded. There was no way he could make it inside. He had a .22 and a shotgun. He grabbed the shotgun and fired. It hit the tank of oil and exploded, blasting Leon backwards.

Woman:You bumped your head pretty bad.


He turned to the woman.


Woman:You must have bumped your head really had. My name is Juliet.


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