Lost FanFic epsode 1 part 2-Pilot


A man named Jack ran over to help Patrick with Claire. "Go help other survivors, im a doctor"-Jack Everything was chaos. Patrick helped some people to find their friends or family. All of a sudden, a man was sucked into the turbine causing it to explode.


People huddled around in groups. Patrick was with a man named Justinian Sayinde, a 19 year old girl named Georgie, and the girl Claire. "Wont be long till they find us."-Justinian "Hey Moustache, whatcha doin with that gun"-a man with dirty blonde hair "Its none of your bussness."-Justinian. Dirty Blonde Hair Man-"Well I think is is 'Mister Secret'. Who knows how long we're on this d@mn island. So we dont want noboody gettin shot. How bout you hand over the gu..." All of a sudden, the trees started to shak and a strange roaring noise came from the jungle. "Son of a b!tc#"-Dirty Blonde Hair Man

(Day 2)

"Did you hear. The doctor bruntte and Drive Shaft guy went into the jungle to find the cockpit"-Claire "How long ago did they leave"-Patrick "30 minutes ago. Please don't go in after them. You will be all alone" "No you wont. Jacoob will be with you"- a man named Chase Blaine said


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