A pair of eyes shot open. A young man sat up. He was on a beach. There were people screaming everywhere. One man was screaming"WAAAAAAAALT!" There was a girl screaming "BOONE!" A man screaming in Korean. A man screaming for help. A women screaming for Paulo. It was so overwhelming. The boy,15 year old Patrick Davis, saw a pregnant girl screaming for help.He ran towards her to help. He reconized her. She was sitting next to him on the plane. Patrick Davis was sitting in a seat next to a pregnant girl. She had introduced herself as Claire Littleton. All of a sudden the plane started to shake violently. People flew out of their seats into the ceiling.One man seemed to smile. Patrick thought it might have been his imaginaton, but the man might have said "Its time". Patrick flew into the back of his seat as the tail broke off. Then the cockpit broke off. Patrick watched as the fuelsalage headed for trees. It hit the trees and everything went black.

Well thats part 1 of 2 In Episode 1. Dont worry, part 2 comin soon

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