georgie had not said a word since the crash. She had pretty much avoided everyone else. she hated the island. Because of it, she would never see her father again. Not like that mattered. There was a commotion gathering around the raft that was being built. She ran over to see what was happening. There was one man laying on the ground holding his chest. Another man, Wade Wilson, standing over him, a bloody knife in his hand. One annoying man always screaming WAAAAAAAAALLLLLTT, tackled Wade. Justinian and Kate came running out of the jungle. "Oh my god,Wade,you killed neil Frogurt"-Justinian


"So. This phsyco attacked me"-Wade 'That doesnt mean you can murder him. Wade Wilson, your under arrest."-Justinian. Jusinian punched Wade in the face, and hancuffed him to a big piece of the fuelsalage. Jack,Patrick,Loce,Boone,Claire and Charlie came running back carrying Sawyer. Sawyer wasnt dead, but his leg was reall injured."What happened over there"-Jack"The Wade guy killed the Frogurt dude"-Hugo. Jack ran over to Frogurt, and started yelling at wade. In a minute everyone was screaming and yelling at each other. "STOP IT!"-Georigie.


Georgie could hear her parents fighting. They always fought. Especially when her mom took her to Australia to see her dad. "We have to tell her"-Dad "No we are not. We cant do this to her. Shes going to collage in three months. if we tell her she wont want to go"-Mom. "Tell me what?"-Georgie.


Everyone turned to look. "Why are we all fighting each other? There are people on this island trying to kill us. We have to stop keeping secerts.(Georgie looks at Locke)We have to stand up and fight. We have to get off this d@mn rock."-georgie. Everyone just starred. Locke pulled Boone aside."We need to go back to the hatch"-Locke. As Boone turned, he twisted his ankle."SON OF A B!TC#"-Boone. "Thats my line son"-Sawyer.Jack ran over to Sawyer. "Hows your leg"-jack "It tickles"-Sawyer. "I don't think there will be any lasting damage."-Jack "jack, Roberts missing"-Charlie


"No this cant happen. IT CANT! How long do you have"-Georgie "Doctors say bout a month. Tats why your mom came and dropped you off."-Dad "But why couldnt she stay. If you going to die in a month, why wont she stop fighting with you and enjoy the time you have left"-Georgie "Just because two people love each other doesnt mean there meant to be together"-Dad


"Where are we going Mr.Locke"-Robert. "There"-Locke. It was a crashed beach craft. "I hurt my leg. I need you to go climb in it."-Locke "Whats inside."-Rob "Thats what we need to find out."-Locke. Robert climbed in. Locke could here him talking to someone on the radio. Then Rob fell back, the planes weight shifted, and the plane fell.

"Come out you monsters"-Georgie. She had a gun, she had found it near niels body. A bullet hit a tree behinde her. She hid behinde a tree as bullets zoomed all around her. Patrick came running towards her. "What are you doing here. I need you to go back to camp. Il take care of the others"-Patrick. As Georgie ran towards cam Patrick ran shooting at the others. Patrick kept running until he came into an open field. "NOOOOOOO!ROBERT!" Patrick heard someone scream. He ran to see what happened. A beachcraft had fallen on the groud. Locke had pulled Robert out of it. Patrick ran to help Robert,and then everything went dark.


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