Wade stared at everyone working. He didnt care. He didnt want to hlep. He wanted to kill the redneck. He had stolen his suitcase. but that was wear his guun was.


Her red hair flowed in the breeze. she was beuatiful. She was to beuatiful for any man. No one should have her. No one would have her. She didnt even feel the knife enter her heart.


"Hey you,sourface, how bout yo get your lazy @$$ over hear and help"-Sawyer."Excuse me lowlife." "Now theres no need to be rude you son of a b!tc#"-Sawyer. "Sawyer just leave him alone"-Kate. As soon as Sawyer turned his back Wad ran up and tackled him. When sawyer hit the ground, wad repeadedly punched him in the face."Best you got hoss?"-Sawyer. Sawyer threw him off balance and stopped on his nose"SAWYER!"-Kate Sawyer stepped away. "Thats just a warning bucko"


This man had just gotten into a bar fight. broke a guys nose. he then ran. he needed to pay."Hey lowlife"-Wade. Bang bang. 2 bullets to the chest did the job. 13 kills in 10 days. It was time to leave Sydney.


"As long as you dont touch it, your nose will be fine"-Jack"Wade left without a word. While Sawyer was looting,wade went into his tent and got his gun out of the suitcae. 4 bullets. all he needed.


Wade walked through the metal detector at the plane station. all clear he turned to smile at the guard. as he walked by, the guard handed him a gun.

(woosh) Sawyer got back to his tent to find Wad esitting in it. "I have been waitin for ya"-Wade. Sawyer pulled out another gun."You really want to do this now. get out of my tent now. we will settle this another time"-Sawyer "Il get you"-Wade "Im sure you will"-Sawyer


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