Okay everybody, the moment you have all been waiting for. And now the Lost season finale

"What was that. I heard screaming. DUCK!"-Sayid. Sayid grabbed Charlie and threw him into the sand as bullets soared over their heads. "Whats going on"-Charlie "The others. They have come"-Sayid. "The others! Oh my god, the caves,CLAIRE!"-Charlie "Here take this(Sayid hands Charlie gun)-Sayid


A bullet hit patrick in his left shoulder. Standing behinde him was a muddy and bloddy Ethan Rom. "That was for causing me to fall off that cliff"-Ethan. he ran up and started punching patrick repeatedly. "STOP!PLEASE STOP!"-Claire "Well well well look who we have here your coming with me"-Ethan.Patrick grabbed Ethans legs, pulling him to the ground. Ethan went to punch Patrick again when he was shot six times. Behinde him was Claire,gun in hand.

Jack punched Locke in the face, took a stick of dynamite, and lit the fuse. Jack threw it as far as he could. It exploded, knocking the A-team off there feet. They all got back up."Are you seriously this insane(Jackface)We could have all died. Why wouldnt you just give me the dynamite in the first place"-Jack "We need to save the dynamite for the hatch. We have to open..."-Locke. Jack tackles locke and starts beating him. Kate pulled Jack off of Locke.

Ethan lay on the ground, dead. Patrick stared in disbeleif. The other who had caused so many problems was dead. Charlie came running towards them "You guys oka...WHOAH thaths...thats ethan. Dead how. Oh yeah we need your help. the camp is under attack"-Charlie "Patirick, you sure you should come"-Claire "Yea. it only grazzed my shoulder"-Patrick.

Sayid croutched down behinde a chunk of fuelsalage. He peeked out from behinde and fired 3 shots. There were five others. Only Sayid,Boone,and Skip had guns. Boone stood up and fired 2 shots and as he went to crouch down, a bullet hit his shoulder. The others were getting closer to the beach camp "SUN!TELL EVERYONE TO KEEP THEIR HEADS DOWN!"-Sayid. Sayid closed his eyes. The others were 10 feet away. A shot was fired and a body hit the ground. The others turned and fired into the jungle. Patrick,Claire and Charlie came out of the jungle guns firing. Sayid and Skip started shooting. The others were defeated quickly. One of them, a man with an eyepatch, ran at full speed away from the survivors. The survivors cheered over there victory. Patrick walked over to Sun "Hows Georgie"-patrick Sun looked, tears in her eyes and shook her head. Without another word patrick took off into the jungle

The group started setting up the dynamite. "JACK! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN"-Patrick. Patrick punched jack, and then aimed a gun at him. "2 of the survivors died. Georgie and Paulo.And why is that?Its because you have to be a leader and go get the dynamite. Now youre goin to open the hatch lets see what was worth two lives."-Patrick They light the fuse and run. The top of the hatch explodes off. he group goes to see whats inside. Jack and Locke stare down into the dark hole that goes on forever. "Well whats the worst that can be inside"-patrick "Dude."-Hurley.

Wade sat on the beach starring out at the ocean."Nice night"-Skip. "Yep"-Wade. 'And you still remeber are deal"-Skip "I dont ever go near you and your faily, and you dont tell anyone im a killer when we get rescued."-Wade "Yea"-Skip "Oh yea. Thanks for breaking the handcuffs"-Wade


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