Leon aimed his gun at the Others. One man shot him in the leg. It wasnt the first time that had happened. He fired a bullet, hitting an Other square in the chest. In return, Leon got a bullet to the chest. He fired 2 more times, but he didnt no if it hit anyone. Another bullet, this one in the arm, caused leon to trip backwards and plundge into the dark ocean below.


Skip Sheifeild heard some arguing. He ran to see if everyone was all right. It was a couple,Nikki and Paulo. Nikki had a small bag in her hand that Paulo was trying to get back. "Is everything all right"-Skip As Nikki turned to responed, Paulo grabbed the bag and ran.Skip and Nikki had been looking for Paulo for almost an hour."Good job muscle head. Now he got away with my...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"-Nikki. Skip looked and saw a hand stuck in branches, a small bag in hand. "Looks like Paulo found 1 of the french womens traps"-Skip

Patrick resurfaced, coughing and sputtering. He looked around for Georgie, and when he didnt see her, he dived back under. A few seconds later, patrick reurfaced with Georgie. Patrick ran backed to camp screaming for help. Sun was the 1st person to come. "What happened"-Sun. "The others chased us. We had to jump off a cliff to get away. I dont no what to do."-Sun "I think i do. Go see if jack is back at the caves."-Sun. Patrick ran as fast as he could to the caves "Claire is jack back?"-patrick "No, i havent seen him,"-Claire "Well that means I have to go follow there trail"-Patrick "Wait dont go. You will be all by yourself. That monster will get you"-Claire "Claire i love y..."-Patrick. A bullet hit patrick in his left shoulder. Standing behinde him was a muddy and bloddy Ethan Rom.

The a-team had almost made it back to the hatch. It was only a a mile away. A twig cracked. Jack and Kate drew their guns. They started hearing whispers. Thre others started shooting at the group. Then, the smoke monster came from the trees and chased the group into a corner. "John give me a stick of dynamite"- Jack "No this can be used only for the hatch"-locke "Locke, do you think i care about your faith in the island(Jack makes a very odd Jackface). Give. me. The. Dynamite. NOW!!!"-Jack. "NO! Dont tell me what to do!"-locke. Jack punched Locke in the face, took a stick of dynamite, and lit the fuse.

Sayid and Charlie sat on the beaach staring out. "Do you think their alright. You know, the people on the raft"-Charlie "I sure hope... what was that. I heard screaming. DUCK!"-Sayid. Sayid grabbed Charlie and threw him into the sand as bullets soared over their heads. "Whats going on"-Charlie "the others. They have come"-Sayid


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