"You take 1 more step towards freckles and ill kill you you son of a b!tc#!"-Sawyer "Take your best shot redneck"-Wade. Sawyer ran up tackling Wade.Sawyer repeadetly punched wade in the face. Wade grabbed a brach a hit Sawyer in the head. Wsde kicks Sawyer in the side. Sawyer pushed Wade on the ground. Wade got back up and started beating sawyer. Jack came and tackled Wade.Wade slamed Jack on the ground and started chocking him "I want you to know, im getting off thish island, and theres nothing you can do about it"-Wade 'But i can!" Two bullets hit wade in the back, and he fell over. There wad Leon, gun in hand. "im the 1 getting on that raft"-Leon


"Why did you do that. I already have enough to take care of"-Jack "Dont worry i made sure i grazed him. Now i have some buisness to take care of"-Leon

(The evnts of the real episode of exdous happen...)

"Guys ok we have to launch the raft now."-Micheal "Hey Micheal, um i wanted to tell you. Im getting on that raft(Leon shows him a gun) I need to get off this island. And im goin with you"-Leon "Fine But better stay awasy from my boy"-Micheal. The survivors push the raft into the water. Everyone cheered as the raft started to sail away.

Patrick and Georgie were walking back to camp when they heard twigs cracking. Bullets were fired at them "RUN!"-Patrick. Georgie and Patrick ran, the others still shooting. There were at least 5 of them. "KEEP RUNNING!THERE GETTING CLOSER!HURRY GRAB MY HAND!"-Patrick She grabbed his hand and they jumped off a cliff into the water below.

The raft had been sailing for a couple of hours it was getting dark. Then all of a sudde, a signal appered on the radar "GUYS THERES A BOAT! SHOOT A FLARE"-Leon Micheal shot a flare up in the air. The boat came up to theres. "Are we glad to see you!"-Leon "What's going on?! What are you folks doing this far out here?!"-Man "We were, we were -- the plane crashed! We were on the Island for a month, man!"-Micheal "Well, ain't that something?"-Man "Yeah!"-Leon "Only, the thing is, we're going to have to take the boy"-Man. Sawyer was the first to react he went to shoot but he was shot first. The bearded man grabbed Walt as Jin jumped in the water to save Sawyer Leon jumped on to the bad guys boat. HE pulled out a gun but was shot in the leg. he didnt care he fired a bullet. another bllet hit him in the chest and the arm. he fell over board in to the ocean.


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