Karl knew the plans. He had a huge head start over Jason.He arrives back at camp. Karl pulls a gun on him.

Sawyer:Easy their son, hes one of us.

Karl:What no hes not. He an other. hes been an other for almost 4 years.

Jason stares at the group in horror. He shoots at them and runs. He sees a girl collapse foward in pain from a bullet. Leon sees him and shoots at him. Jason shoots at Leon, before hiting him in the head with a branch. Jason flees into the ? station. He sees Wade tourturing Mason.


Mason:Charles(sob) Charles Widmore.

Jason dropped his gun and realized that no one was going to be alive this time next week. He snuck back up the ladder.

Jason:Ben... we have a situation.

Georgie fell back in pain. A bullet had hit her leg and grazed her somache.Jack sighed in annoyence. The others were coming and they didnt have alot of time.

Jack:We have to leave now.

Patrick:She cant walk.

Jack:Well take her someplace safe.

Patrick:She comes with us.

He picked her up and started to walk away.


(The Looking Glass Station)

Charlie gasps for air, and climbs over the side onto the decking, yelping with happiness that he's alive. His jubilation is short-lived, however, as two armed women run into the chamber after hearing the noise. One approaches Charlie with her gun pointed at him. In the Looking Glass, Charlie is interrogated by Others Bonnie and Greta. He says he found out about the Looking Glass from Juliet, who has joined the survivors. Bonnie calls Ben. She walks back to the main room, only to be shoved aside.

Chase;Both of you stop. Im of this place now.

Charlie:Help me at of this chair

Chase looks over at Charlie, and kickes him,still tied to the chair, into the water. He takes Bonnie and gretas guns away, and goes to the communication center.

Chase:Hello ben

Ben:Its been a long time Chase

Chase:So it has. And now your time is up/I have had a spy planted with your others for three years.

Ben:Im guessing its mason

Chase:Yes. And now, we are reclaiming this island.

The Others have arrived at the beach, led by Ryan Pryce and Tom, and start searching the marked tents. When they realize the tents are empty it is too late - Sayid and Bernard shoot bundles of dynamite, setting off large explosions that kill Ivan, Diane and three more Others (possibly including Isabel). Jin (using a pistol rather than a rifle) misses his targeted dynamite but shoots and kills two Others (Luke and Matthew). However, the three remaining Others capture Jin, Bernard and Sayid.

Skip is tending to Justinian's wounds when theirs an explosion. He grabs a gun and heads over to the beach camp to ssee Jin Syaid and Bernard captured.

Jack:Patrick, Sawyer will carry her, go do your mission.


He gives Georgie to Sawyer and runs as fast as he can. he arrives at the Barracks. he sees ben at his house. he gets Alex's attention and explains to her his plan. She brings ben outside and Patrick knocks him out.

Desmond flees his boat as Mikahial starts shooting. He swims up to see a drowning Charlie.


Part 2 coming soon

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