Two men in Dharma jumpsuits ran towards a gropu of yellow houses, guns in hand.They ran to one on the houses, banging on the door. The door opened up and a man stepped out.

Man:What is going on out here?

Dharma Man #1: Hostiles are right outside the sonar fences.

Man: Son of a b!tch. Hold on.

The man walks into his house, throws on a Dharma jumpsuit and grabs a gun. He walks back outside, revealing his face and the name on his jumpsuit: Leon, Security

                                  Starring: Patrick
                                            Ben Flood
                                            Forrest Whitlart  
                                            Phoebe Newton 
                                            Peter Thompson
                                            Brunno Gêda
                                            Phil Parker 

After another time flash, the well at the Orchid site (into which Locke had descended) is gone, leaving Sawyer holding a rope that leads into the ground. He tries to rescue Locke, but Juliet stops him, pointing out that they are now in a time before the well was built.Miles then draws everyone's attention to something in the distance. They look up and see the back of a gigantic statue.

Locke staggers through the chamber over to the frozen wheel, where it rattles and creaks, moving by some unseen force behind it. Locke gets a good hold on it, and, with the sound of ice breaking loose and a loud clank, he lifts the wheel up and pulls it back. Green light emanates from behind it.

Above ground, there was a bright flash. When the light stopped, Leon realized his headache was gone. Mandy walked over to him to make sure he was okay.

Leon: Im fine. My headache is gone.

Sawyer: Mine too.

Mandy:Same. I think the flashes are over.

Later, the group was headed back to the beach camp when they noticed four others. Leon, Sawyer, Whitlark and Phil pulled out guns. One other turned around and noticed them. He warned the others and they pulled out there guns.They started to shoot at the group. The four men returned fire. Whitlark killed one of the others.One other was able to shoot Sawyer in the arm. Leon shot one other in the chest. The last two others moved closer to the group. Sawyer shot one in the leg.As he went to reload, the other aimed at him.A bullet the other in the head. He fell over, revealing a woman with reddish hair.

The woman introduces herself as Amy and convinces them to bury the bodies of the two Others and carry Paul, her dead husband, back. As Daniel approaches the sonic fence, Juliet yells for him to stop. Amy pretends to disable the fence, removes or manipulates an object hidden behind a keypad (subsequently revealed to be earplugs), and walks through. Sawyer, Jin, Phil,Leon, Mandy, Forresst, Juliet, Daniel and Miles follow and are knocked out by a high-pitched noise. Amy removes the earplugs from her ears, revealing how she passed through unaffected.

Leon wakes up on a couch in what appered to be a house. He sat up and looked around, realizing it was the barracks. A man woth long har was sitting infront of him.

Leon: Where the hell are my friends?

Horace: As I told the other guy, they are fine

Leon: Who the hell are you?

Horace: Why don't you tell me who the hell you are?

Leon: Leon Van de Kamp

Horace: How'd you get to the island. The man with the beard said you were the first mate.

Leon: First mate, oh yeah..on the Black Rock. So what is going to happen to us.

Horace:There's a submarine that leaves this island first thing in the morning. You and your friends, you're gonna get on it. It's gonna drop you off in Tahiti. You can find your way home from there.

The next day, the group stood outside waiting for Sawyer to return.

Whitlark:This is ridiculos. We cant get stuck in the 70s.

Juliet: There is nothing we can do right now to change what is happening.

Leon:Lets hope Sawyer doesn't mention time traveling.

A few minutes later, Sawyer and Horace were walking towrads them when suddenly the alarm sounds and everybody takes cover in their houses. The group is brought inside one of the houses where an armed woman is to look after them. Sawyer leaves the room and goes to talk to the intruder, Richard Alpert.When Richard left, the group was released from the house.

That night Leon, sits by the ocean looking up at the sky. Sawyer walked over to him.

Sawyer: The hippie gave us permission to saty for a week or two to look for the "rest of the crew" You staying?

Leon: Of course. This is better than nothing.

Phil Parker was walking around the barracks when he saw something that made him jump. It was himself, except 34 years younger.


Next episode should come out Tommorow. happy lost day everyone

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