Robber:Everybody put your hands in the air!

Their were 4 men with masks and guns robbing a bank. One of them went to the vault while the others were watching their hostages. One robber ran to the woman about to press the silent alarm. She grabbed his mask and ripped it off, revealing the face of Ben Flood.

                                   Starring: Patrick
                                             Ben Flood
                                             Forrest Whitlart  
                                             Phoebe Newton 
                                             Peter Thompson
                                             Brunno Gêda
                                             Phil Parker 

Robber #2:What the hell!? Why is your mask off?

Flood:This young lady wants to be a hero.

Robber #2:Take her to the other room. Put the silence on the gun.

Flood grabbed the woman and dragged her into another room. There was a small pop. Flood walked back out into the main room. Robber #3 came out from the vault with four backpacks full of money. Flood grabbed a bag and started to head out. One man tried to stop Flood.

Flood:Sit down now before I shoot you.

The man is Locke.

Flood:Hurry up Jerry, I hear sirens.

Jerry:Hold on a second.

Ben ran up to Jerry, punched in the face,and ran. 5 hours later, the woman who removed Ben's mask walked into his house.

Woman:great job getting the money.

Flood:You were great.

The next day, Flood wakes up to find all the money gone.

(After getting off the island)

Flood sat in a bar, drinking his 4th beer. A man walked in and sat next to him.

Locke:Hello Ben.

Flood:What do you want?

Locke:I need you to return to the island

Flood:No. I won't(Gets up and leaves)

Outside, a limo pulls up next to Flood. A man gets out and pulls Flood in.

Flood:what the hell?!

Man:My name is Mr. Timmothy. I want some information from you.

Flood:So you kidnapp me?

Mr.Timmothy:Yes. Now tell me about the island.

Flood:It was some small little iland...find the press confrence on youtube.

Man sitting next to Timmothy:Not the one you lied about. The island. Polar bears, Dharma stations, that island.

Flood:You have been there?

Man:No. But my father had. Unfourtunetly, a certain Charlie Widmore had him exiled.Now your friend, John Locke is working with Widmore. And Mr.Locke knows who can help me get to the island. Now I need you to get the information from Locke. If not, well you won't be going to the island, or anywhere else for a matter of fact.

(A week later)

Patrick sat on his car, staring at the stars.Another car pulled up.A man got out of the car.

Man: Did you read the paper? Some woman named Ali Sheifield was killed today.

Patrick:Yep. I bet it was Wade

Man:Did you talk to her.

Patrick:Yep. And she said no.

Man;Its all my fault.

Patrick:No its not

Man:They all died because of me. I wanted to get revenge, so i killed him. And now everyone on it is dead.


The man turns around, a street light revealing his face.

Ben Flood:Yes. Its all my fault. And now are lives are a mess and we cant get back to the island. We need to go back.

(An hour later) A man sat alone in his house. He had no money, no friends, no family, no life. He had to get back to the island. Ben Flood grabbed his phone.

Flood:Yes I will take the job.

Timmothy:Good. I first want you to try and convince a certain girl to go back to the island.

Flood:Who? Why?

Timmothy:Her name is Georgie and I have a certain intrest in her.

(Two days later)

Georgie: I already told Patrick i don't want to go back.

Flood:We have to. Its our destiny.

Georgie:You sound just like Locke.

Flood:All of our lives have fallen apart. Yours mine,Patricks,Jack...every single last one of us.

Georgie:No. I have to go.

Flood left the house and headed outside.

Flood:She said no.

Timmothy(over phone):Thats fine. Locke is staying at the Westerfield Hotel.

(The next day)

Flood was outside Locke's room when he heard voices.

Man: Once we can get them all in the same place... I don't know where we go from there, but we'll figure something out.

LOCKE: I know where we go. There's a woman here in Los Angeles.

Man: A woman?

LOCKE: Yeah, I don't know exactly where, but she shouldn't be that hard to find. Her name is--is, uh... Eloise Hawking.

Man: Eloise Hawking? You sure?

LOCKE: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, why? Do you know her?

Man: Yes, John. I know her.


(Sound of someone falling.Gagging sound.)

Flood slightly pushes the door open. He sees Locke dead. He watches as the man cleans down the apartment.

Man: I'll miss you, John. I really will.

Flood runs as the man exits. He sees Flood and pulls out his phone. Flood phone rings and he answers it.

Timmothy. Meet me in rooom 2d.

(At apartment 2d)

Flood:What are you doing here?

Timmothy:I needed to see if you finished the mission. But you failed. However someone else got the information.

Flood turned around to see the man who killed Locke. The man took a knife and slashed Flood's wrist. Flood fell back screaming.

Ben Linus: What an odd day. 2 suicides in one hotel.

Timmothy:Time to leave Linus. Dont forget to leave a note.

(A few days later)

Jack, still apparently drunk and high, drives to the funeral parlor after hours. He breaks in and approaches the casket, noticing that no one has yet signed the release form for Bentham's body. Ben and Patrick suddenly enters the room. Jack says that Bentham had told him Ben was off the Island, Jack and Kate having spoken to Bentham about a month prior. Bentham had said that after Jack left the Island "some very bad things happened" and it was Jack's fault for leaving. Bentham added that Jack had to come back. Ben replies that he has heard about Jack riding passenger planes, hoping they'll crash; Ben describes this as "very dark". Ben tells Jack he is here to let him know that the Island won't let him come alone: "all of you have to go back". Jack says he doesn't know where Sayid is, Hurley is mentally unwell, Sun blames Jack for Jin's death, and Kate won't even talk to him anymore. Ben says that this is the only way: all of them have to do it together, and that Ben has a few ideas about how it is to be done and is willing to help. However he specifies that all of them must return, including the deceased Bentham, who is revealed to be John Locke.

Patrick;What about him?

Ben looks over to a coffin near Lockes.

Ben:Yes him too.

Ben lifted the lid to the coffin. Patrick walked over, and stared down at the body of Ben Flood.


Ben Flood's eyes open. He is in a weird temple looking place. He heard voices.

Man:If Sayid came back, what about Flood.

Other Man:No he has been dead for nearly awake.

Dead,Flood thought. For some reason he didn't car. He didn't care about annything.

Flood sat up and asked:What the hell is going on.

The group turned and stared in shock.

Asian Man:My name is Dogan. Welcome to the Temple.


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